Moving on to FAR after Passing AUD

15 Jun 2012


By Trisha

Trisha is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Not much to say this week, my fellow NINJAs … After the excitement of passing Audit, life has gotten the better of my time.

I hate to admit this, but I haven’t even attempted to study since receiving my good news. I am not sure if I am experiencing burnout, or if the sun has just become too much of a distraction.

Whatever “it” is, “it” has stopped me from making any progress with FAR. Shame on me. ?

Originally, I scheduled my FAR exam for July 20. After “life” rearing its ugly head, I decided to move it to August 30. This gives me some additional, much needed cushion.

I realize that I need to do more for this retake vs. audit to make sure I don’t cut it so close. I am thrilled with my passing score of 76, but dread the idea of being that close on the other end of the spectrum for FAR.

I looked at the calendar today and realized this gives me a week per chapter with 3 weeks for review. My plan is to start coming in early to work again next week. This worked well for me before, and I am hoping it will do the same this time around.

I plan on reviewing the lectures and MCQs from my review program, and supplementing it with my Wiley MCQs and NINJA Materials. The combination seems to give me the variety I need, which I believe helps in actually understanding the material. I think part of my problem in the past has been memorizing the MCQs instead of really grasping the concepts.

I hope I am successful in my “plan of action” for next week. I just need to remind myself I am halfway there, and to keep my eyes on the prize. The longer I wait, the longer it will be before I can call myself a CPA. Cheers to finding some motivation!!! ?

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Sonia 12 years ago

Great plan Trisha! One week per chapter and 3 weeks for review... You can totally do it!

Trisha 12 years ago

Thank you! I think it will be perfect... as long as I can get to it :)