Creativity Needed for Productive FAR Study

10 Jul 2012


By Trisha

Trisha is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

The sun is so ridiculously distracting … especially when you live in the Pacific Northwest, where its appearance can be a bit rare. I would much rather play outside with my kids or work in my yard than study FAR.

This is posing a bit of a problem for me, considering my exam is coming up fast. So I figured the only way to be productive was to get a little creative.

I have been attempting to re-watch my lectures, but have found this process to be a bit torturous. This may be a major part of my lack of motivation. To battle my impaired drive, this weekend I decided to combine my innate need for vitamin D with a different study approach.

I grabbed my lawn chair, my iPhone with my FAR NINJA Audio, and my FAR NINJA Notes. I proceeded to soak up some sun while I listened to the audio and took notes within my NINJA notes.

This was a VERY effective method for me. It refreshed my knowledge of various topics, with an audio and a visual, and allowed me some much-needed time in the sun. I couldn’t have asked for a better scenario. ?

As much as I love to stick to a “plan”, sometimes a diversion is needed to get where you need to go. I am aware that I should follow certain steps in my study process, and I am very much a person that loves order.

All considered, I have to remind myself that some days are good for one method while others benefit from an alternate approach. And ultimately, any form of studying is better than none. ? Until next time NINJAs!!!

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