Mixing Up My Study Approach to FAR

25 Jul 2012


By Trisha

Trisha is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

I managed to log some study time last week that I can be proud of!!! I FINALLY finished the lectures covering Marketable Securities ~ this topic was a beast for me!

I do feel like the re-watch was very helpful in better understanding the subject. I was also able to complete all of the MCQs pertaining to the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Accounting Standards, Conceptual Framework and SEC Reporting.

I was scoring consistently in the 70’s and 80’s within each subsection, much better than I did my first time studying for FAR. This gives me hope.

I am trying to mix up my approach a bit so I don’t forget the material I studied early on … I am listening to the NINJA Audio throughout my workday on shuffle. This helps because I am not always starting at the same spot, and it makes sure I am hearing a little bit on each topic.

I have also stopped doing the MCQs right after covering a subject. I think doing the questions immediately following gave me a bit of inflated confidence in my understanding. I feel waiting has forced me to assess what I have really retained, rather than tackling the questions while the lecture is still fresh in my head.

I also try to do 10-question quizzes over various subjects a couple times a day to test my knowledge in a way other than what I am seeing in my review materials. I am counting on my new method knocking out my third section and putting me that much closer to CPA!

I am going to get as much done as possible this week since I have an out-of-town wedding I am a bridesmaid in this weekend. I am very excited for this ~ the bride is one of my closest friends. But also have to admit a bit nervous for after ~ now I have no more excuses for not making studying FAR top priority!

Until next week NINJAs, cheers to successful summer study time!!!

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Sonia 12 years ago

Hey Trisha, Glad to hear your new approach is helping you power through the hardest topics. Keep building that same momentum, and you'll be ready for final review and test day, no problem!! I may try something like that this week as well. ... Taking FAR August 24th.

Trisha 12 years ago

Thanks Sonia! I am very nervous since my retake with Audit cut it so close. I am SO ready to be done, and know I need to give it my all the next month. Best of luck to you!!!