FAR Study: Repetition + Ridiculous Amounts of MCQs

Trisha is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

I am pretty proud today. I put in some serious study time this weekend and was able to complete two chapters worth of lectures while madly taking notes.

Overall I spent close to 20 hours covering Pensions, Deferred Taxes, Derivatives, EPS, Stockholders Equity and the Statement of Cash Flows… PHEW… So much technical information ~ FAR has really earned her reputation of being a beast!

I always feel like I have a great grasp of the concepts while listening to the lecture and following the in text examples. But when I go to tackle the multiple-choice questions, it all feels a bit foreign…

I know this is where repetition will come in handy, but it is a bit nerve wracking to spend so much time learning, only to feel like you really didn’t take much with you.

This is especially the case for me with Diluted EPS. This area tripped me up last time with FAR. To avoid this during my second attempt, I am giving this area a little more care.

This week my plan is to complete my lectures on Government and Not for Profit, and then spend the rest of my time between now and my exam on the 30th doing ridiculous amounts of multiple choice questions, listening to NINJA Audio, and rewriting both my notes and the NINJA Notes.

I have to admit, I am scared to miss the cut again with FAR. I studied like crazy for my initial attempt, and came so close with a 72.

I went in to my first exam wishing for an extra week, even with all of the studying, because I felt unprepared. I currently feel ok overall with where I am so far, and hope the next few weeks increase my knowledge to the point where I can walk in FEELING ready.

It is such an overwhelming amount of material, and the ultimate goal is after August 30th to never have to look at it again.