Eight Days Until A Second Meeting with FAR

24 Aug 2012


By Trisha

Trisha is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Dear CPA gods,

In 8 days I meet again with your evil stepchild, FAR. I am kindly asking you have a bit of a talk with her before the 30th.

Please let her know I have studied like a mad woman in preparation for our meeting. I have re-watched endless hours of lecture, done an over abundance of multiple choice, missed time with my family and friends.

I have listened to Jeff’s NINJA Audio until I am blue in the face. I still have a ways to go, but hope to be able to give our time together my all.

Can you ask that she kindly doesn’t give me any Dilutive EPS simulations? I struggle with this topic more than other areas, and would love to not have my difficulties displayed relentlessly in anyone one of my simulations.

Also, ask her not to be too tricky with her multiple choice. I will commit to RTFQ, and ask she does her part to not make it too overly hard to do so. Of course, I would appreciate seeing my packets get noticeably harder. A sign that I am performing well is always welcome.

Ultimately, I just ask that she be kind and take notice of my hard work. I came up a bit short at our last meeting, and hope that this time I impress her enough to walk away with a passing score.

This will allow me to take my last step towards CPA, preparing for my final battle with REG.


CPA Hopeful