Focused: Three Weeks Until My Final Meeting with REG

29 Oct 2012


By Trisha

Trisha is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Less than three weeks from now I will meet with REG again… And hopefully it will be the last time.

I have already finished all of the lectures and associated multiple choice for this section, so from now until November 13th will be review. This is a bit of a strange place for me ~ I normally only have a few days at most for review.

I am hoping this doesn’t work against me, since I tend to stay more focused when under pressure. But I guess this time around brings a different kind of pressure… The “this may be your last exam ever” kind of pressure.

I am thinking that is what pushed me to finish all of the lectures so far ahead of my plan.

I had considered moving my test forward a bit, but would rather take my time to make sure I am ready. I would hate to move it up and feel unprepared come test day.

I plan on taking the next couple weeks to rewrite my notes and the NINJA Notes, do insane amounts of multiple choice, continue listening to the NINJA Audio and utilize my newly downloaded NINJA Flashcards.

BTW, I LOVE the ability to have them on my iPhone… I used them for the first time last night, and in 20 minutes I mastered topics I had been struggling with in Individual Tax. I couldn’t recommend them more.

I have flashcards from my review software, but the NINJA version are so much more concise and to the point. Obviously I am pretty excited about this addition to my arsenal. ? Thanks Jeff!

Hopefully I can remain focused for my final stretch. I remember when I ran my first half marathon, the last mile and a half I wanted to quit. It was one of the hardest things next to childbirth I had experienced.

But I knew I had already come so far, and that the personal gratification I would feel crossing the finish line would make the struggle worth it. This exam made that race seem easy. But I am ready to cross the finish line.