Diligently Preparing with REG Exam Rapidly Approaching

07 Nov 2012


Trisha is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I am a hot mess…

I have watched hours of videos, taken page after page of notes and worked hundreds of multiple-choice questions. I have diligently prepared. But am I ready?

Anxiety has settled in… I have never been one to handle stress well, but this is really testing my limits. This may be my last exam, but the fear of failure is taking over and fogging my brain a bit.

I was very confident a week ago, but now as I am rapidly approaching my test date, I am beginning to wonder if I really know the material and am capable of wrapping up this torturous last almost year and a half of my life.

I am so used to this exam looming over me; it is hard to imagine life without it. I have already created a mental list of all of the things I can do with my new found friend ~ TIME. Crazy how quickly you can fill up something that is not quite yours yet.

Last night my husband (bless his heart) told me I am working myself up over nothing. He said “You took this one before and are doing well on all of your practice tests. You’ve got this!” Is it normal to want to slap someone for being encouraging? JK ?

I am trying my best to keep his words close to my head and heart. I am a big believer that positive thinking accounts for a lot. Keeping it on the forefront this next week may be as important for me as all of my endless hours of studying.

Until next week my fellow NINJAs ~ best wishes to everyone!!!