REG Behind Me + Ready to Enjoy Thanksgiving

20 Nov 2012


Trisha is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I had what is hopefully my last encounter with the CPA exam on Tuesday. All I keep asking myself is was it enough to take down REG?

The first testlet was very manageable, and I think I did really well on it. The second and third were both very difficult, but I used all I had to make the best choice for each answer.

The simulations were initially very overwhelming. I actually did the research question first to get it out of the way. I know I got at least that correct. ?

As for the rest of the sims, two I felt really good about, one ok and the other two so/so… I left the exam with about 6 minutes. And I felt really good.

All of my scores have been for the most part borderline, whether a pass or a fail. My lowest score was 72, and my highest was 80.

I don’t know what it is like to “rock” or “bomb” an exam… Only in two exams did I notice distinctly harder questions, one exam made me cry (second FAR attempt) and I usually always leave hungry with a migraine.

This time was different. I don’t know if it is because I feel confident or maybe it is just a sense of relief that this may be the end of this journey.

I would NEVER dare to underestimate this exam. For all I know, it was hard because I was struggling. And the reality is, since the MCQs are supposed to be weighted, it is near impossible to gage your score.

That I think, aside from the endless hours of studying, is the most frustrating part of this whole experience. The unknowns. Not knowing how the test is really graded, not knowing my score, not knowing where I messed up/did well, not knowing when I will actually get my score (dang Oregon/Snail Mail).

When I was signing in, someone was checking out, and the prometric person said, “Did you want to write down your scores?” I wanted to jump up and down, waving my hands, saying “I DO I DO”. But I guess we just don’t get that option. ?

Now all I can do is not-so-patiently wait. I am guessing I will be able to get my score sometime the first week of December.

I am extra thankful for Thanksgiving this year ~ it will provide a lovely time killing distraction. Until then, I plan cuddling lots with my family, watching my DVR’d shows and reading some mind numbing fiction.

It is strange to not have to study. Amazing how foreign extra time can feel… I am sure it won’t take me too long to fill it. ?

Until next time NINJAs ~ Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!!!