Distraction Jumps in Front of FAR Study

16 May 2012


By Trisha

Trisha is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Life is crazy … You are happily walking down your path and then BOOM ~ Distraction jumps in your way.

Distraction takes many forms. It may be beautiful spring weather that draws you outside to play. It may be a heavy load at work that sucks up your time. It may be the housework that you have diligently neglected to do. Regardless of its form, Distraction usually wins…

I had a pretty good study pattern established up until this last week. My mom, who is my primary childcare provider, had to leave town to help my Grandma who has been sick.

Not only am I worried about my Grandmother’s health, but my husband and I have to scramble our schedules to be able to both work and make sure our kids are “covered.”

Although we have worked this out easily because of wonderfully flexible workplaces, it has created a major detour in my study path. Even when I have found the time, I have been too tired or mentally distracted to focus.

I am leaving town to visit my Grandmother and the rest of my family this weekend with my daughters. I am hoping after some family time, I will be able to come home refreshed and able to focus on my studies.

I am scheduled to retake FAR July 20th. Although this is still over 2 months away, I know from experience this time will come fast. I hope that maybe if I allow Distraction to walk with me for awhile, soon enough he will bore with me and be on his way…

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