FAR Videos, Graduation, and Cheering on the Yankees

11 Apr 2014


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How are you doing NINJA CPA readers!

Since my last post I have continued watching all the FAR videos. I have almost completed the videos, but I keep going back and watching some video sections over that I am having trouble with.

For me the government section is tricky because in 5 years of accounting classes I do not believe I had ever went in depth with governmental accounting.

So I am in the final stretch of the video section
and will soon begin studying my FAR NINJA Notes. The great thing about notes and flashcards is they are on my phone and I can study any time I would like to.

In other news my parents really want me to walk for my graduate school ceremony. They are trying to convince me and I think I will cave only because things like that are for them anyway, and it will make them happy.

Besides studying I have been playing sports and going to the gym to stay sane. I will also be going to the Yankees vs Red Sox game which will be amazing (GO YANKEES!). As you can tell I am still at the beginning stages of studying, but once I finish the videos it is going to really start picking up so stay tuned.

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