Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Vince

03 Jan 2014


Vince is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello everyone!

This is my first post and I am excited about the opportunity to share my journey with everyone.

I had an awesome internship opportunity my last semester as an undergrad with a big 4 firm. The last few days they offered me a job and I was extremely excited!

They said they would pay for my study materials so I could pass the CPA exam as soon as possible. As an eager and somewhat naive person I thought I hit the jackpot! Well …

About two months ago a box showed up on my doorstep. I opened it saw review books for each course and tossed it aside. I was in the middle of my first semester of graduate school and figured after exams I would pick one up and just “knock out” an exam before school started back in January.

I knew audit was going to be the first exam I was going to take. I just finished up an audit course this month and the material was fresh in my mind. When I starting diving into the course and the boring videos (in my opinion), I felt lost. There is so much information that I have to get through in such a short period of time.

I started looking for answers and luckily found another71. I wasn’t alone! The CPA exam is really hard! Then I discovered the NINJA framework – is that the best thing ever or what!

Now I have direction and motivation that I was lacking before. A solid study plan has helped keep me on schedule and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (although it is still far off). The CPA exam is definitely a marathon and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences in the coming months.

HiiiiiiYa NINJAs!


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