First CPA Exam Score: More Motivated than Ever Before

04 Mar 2014


Vince is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

It took me a while to sit down and write this post. Like many of you, I continually hit refresh waiting for my exam score to post on my computer. I was more nervous than they day I took my exam.

Coming out I felt like I did okay. I used all 4 hours and wish I had more time. I knew I didn’t bomb it, but if I passed it would be close. Sometime after 1:30 my score finally posted- 71.

I was really disappointed in myself at first. I have never studied for anything this hard before. I turned to the CPA Exam forum for some kind of answers.

I found out that I am not alone. Most people fail at least one test before they finish all four. I felt sad for about an hour then my mood completely changed.

I am more motivated and dedicated than ever before.

I wish it wouldn’t have taken me failing my first exam to realize this. I haven’t gone anywhere without listening to my NINJA Audio or reading my NINJA Notes.

I have already reapplied for my NTS and I am going to schedule my exam for the first week of April. I underestimated this exam the first time and I am not going to do that again.

I am going to start my full time job in September (I am currently in grad school and work part-time). I really need to complete this exam before I start.

My wife and I found out we will be having our first baby in the beginning of August! My motivation to finish is now even greater than before! Here we go…

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