Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Yen

03 Apr 2012



I signed up to be a NINJA blogger to hold myself accountable on this journey.

Here is my exam story. I graduated with an MBA/Accounting concentration in 2009. I took another six months to fulfill the 150 accounting credits needed to sit for the exam.

Fast forward, NTS in hand, I signed up to take all four exams. The NTS agent reminded me I would only have nine months in which to sit for those exams. “Not a problem,” I stated.

How hard it could it be? Watch some video lectures, practice some multiple choice questions and I would be ready to go.

WRONG! I failed BEC. With determination, I got back on the proverbial horse named REG.

Again, I used the same study plan. I figured I would study a little harder this time. You guessed it. I failed REG too.

After that, I stopped studying. Self-doubt and fear begin to set in. Could I pass these exams? Why do I want to put myself through this? I took a five months hiatus.

While on hiatus, I would still check into the Another71 forum to see what everyone was doing. It was motivating and inspirational to know that I am not the only one struggling through this journey.

A month ago, I started studying for BEC again. My current study plan is as follows.

1. Watch a video lecture for one section
2. Read NINJA Notes for that section
3. Do the Wiley MCQs for that section.
4. Repeat until I finish all sections
5. MCQs, MCQs and more MCQs.

I have three more sections for BEC. After that, I plan to do MCQs non-stop.

I will keep everyone posted on my progress.

Good luck to all this week’s exam takers!

Happy Studying.

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Jeff - 12 years ago

Welcome Yen!