“Cruising” through BEC Study Plan

01 May 2012


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I knew this would pique everyone's interest. However, the title is deceiving. I did go on a cruise through the Bahamas and the Caribbean but not through BEC.

In my last blog, I completed all the lectures for BEC. My plan was to tackle MCQs. However, the vacation that was planned and paid for months ago came too quickly.

No problem, I thought. I will bring the NINJA Notes and Wiley MCQs. I would study while sunbathing. Two hours a day would be ideal.

Well… you know what they said about the “best laid plans.” I did not open the NINJA Notes or MCQs. I am so disappointed in myself. On the bright side, hubby and I were able to spend quality time together.

This week I have been swamped with catching up at work. This weekend was a bust. I did not crack open the book. I was exhausted from work and vacation. I need a vacation from my vacation. LOL.

I need to dig deep to motivate myself to study.

Well, I believe that’s all the updates I have for this week. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Good luck to all this week’s exam takers!

Happy Studying!

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