Mixed Blessings and BEC Study

29 May 2012


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Hi Fellow NINJAs!

It’s been a roller coaster ride since my last post. A few weeks ago, I had a perfect weekend studying. To me a perfect weekend means uninterrupted studying with no errands or obligations.

I was able to cruise through the Wiley MCQs on the IT Section. It was euphoric! Last weekend was a different story altogether. I had to dig deep and find time to complete the MCQ’s on Econ. I didn’t feel confident with Econ. I have to revisit it later.

I was recently promoted to a senior role with a pay raise. Yeah!! Longer hours, more responsibilities and high stress!

In my new role, I am currently involved on an M&A project. The controller, who is a CPA, with the other firm confessed to shredding financial documents. She took great delight in telling everyone what she did. Nevertheless she was terminated.

I don’t understand why someone with a CPA would throw away a career. We all know the pain and sacrifices that it takes to become a CPA.

I am currently looking for another controller. One candidate had a CPA but did not possess the work experience I needed. It was tough meeting these people who has their CPA certification. I was reminded once I again that I needed to focus my time and energy.

Well, I believe that’s all the updates I have for this week. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Good luck to all this week’s exam takers!

Happy Studying!

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