NINJA CPA Review | Standalone CPA Review Course or Supplement?

26 Aug 2021

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Harold writes in. I already started setting for far with another CPA review course. I have access to the lectures, MCQ simulations, et cetera. And I also received a book for the far section. I only purchased the section. My question is, does the ninja review include a book as ninja have to be used in combination with another review?

Or can I use it with another course? Okay. So the question is can you go “NINJA Only“, or do you need to supplement with NINJA? Most people use ninja as a supplement because most people already have a review course by the time that they even hear of us, we don't mark it on campuses and we don't fly around the country going to all these university meetings and taking your accounting professors out to dinner and picking up the bar tab, et cetera.

So that they'll let them in their classroom because who pays for that?

You do.

Most people use ninja as a supplement. And so do you want to use ninja as a supplement? You still use the ninja framework and the other concepts with your main CPA review course intense notes over your review course nonstop, MCQ over your review course, or this is a retake ninja MCQ, and you just rewrite the notes that you've been taking, and then it all comes together.

This is when you definitely switch to ninja MCQ and worked through 20 question mini testlets starting with your weakest topic first. And moving backward all the time, reading your ninja notes and your ninja and listening to your nudge audio. And one of the best days of your life will be when you don't have to listen to me in your car anymore.

Now back to ninja only if you are, if you don't want to use your main CPA review course, or it expired. Then you can switch to ninja only plenty of people do that. Essentially. Now the concepts with your ninja book, and then just barring take intense notes over both ninja MCQ, all the way.

Take notes of your NINJA MCQ. Just rewrite your notes. If you don't, if you didn't take good notes, or if you just don't want to rewrite your own notes, then rewrite the ninja notes. That's fine too. Then it all comes together. Final review. And we just topic starting with your topic first and work. And to be ready for exam day.

So both paths are just fine. And so again, you can use ninja as a supplement or NINJA Only. Either way.

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