Ask the NINJAs: Pass the CPA Exam with NINJA Only?

13 Oct 2015

Ask the NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

I went over many CPA Exam forum threads about the Ten Point Combo. At first, most people used it as a supplement to their main CPA Review course.

It seems like the NINJA Combo is now more like a course, contain the essential materials. This is my first time purchasing a CPA prep product.

I did a lot of research to find a good CPA study guide that matches my need and budget.

I hope to pass all of the CPA exams before 2017 due to the new changes. I'm also working on my MBA. – Bernice

Dear Bernice,

We NINJAs are pretty simple (we fight, sleep, and watch Bob Ross painting marathons – one of the downsides of living with Drama NINJA, we suppose).

So – we will keep our answer fairly straightforward:

You will like studying with the Ten Point Combo if:

– You like NINJAs
– You like saving money and spending it on cool stuff like iPads and throwing stars vs Accounting Videos
– You're good with reading a book and working MCQ until you BARF (which, incidentally, is the reverse order in which you should take your exams).

You will not like studying with the Ten Point Combo if:

– You hate NINJAs
– You like spending money on Accounting Videos vs iPads and throwing stars
– You prefer to have someone read a book to you in front of a camera
– You don't appreciate 90's rap references

We also recommend that you grab our Free #1 Best-Selling Classic “The CPA Exam Survival Guide” which has an entire chapter devoted to choosing a CPA Review Course and the pitfalls to avoid (no refund policies / access restrictions / no ninjas) before purchasing one.

There is a forum thread dedicated to those who passed using NINJA only and you can read that here.

Finally, if you've read this far, then you deserve a non-snarky answer, which is this:

Most candidates already have a CPA Review Course, so they get the Ten Point Combo and mix and match the two.

If you don't already have a course and are wondering if you can pass using only the Ten Point Combo, the answer is Yes.

Here's why: There is nothing materially different in your expensive CPA Review Course that's not included with NINJA.

Heck, a couple of recent Elijah Watt Sells Award Winners sparred with us during their CPA Exam prep.

Want to learn the concepts? NINJA Book covers that.

Want legit CPA Exam questions and SIMS? NINJA MCQ has more questions and sims than most people can get through.

Want a “cram” type product? NINJA Notes and NINJA BLITZ cover that.

Want to study when you otherwise can't (at work, at the gym, in the car)? NINJA Audio has you covered there.

Want to study in the grocery checkout line? NINJA Flashcards.

In short, whether it's a supplement or a full-blown course, we have you covered.

If you enter your email address, we'll fire off an arsenal of free NINJA downloads (book, notes, audio, flashcards, study planner) so you can see if NINJA is for you.

You can always go spend thousands on another course later if you don't dig it.

(We still maintain that iPads and throwing stars are better, however).


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