Raised Score 13 Points with NINJA MCQs

21 May 2015


FrancineFrancine is a NINJA CPA blogger.

HiYA! I have finally passed AUD!! And it feels amazing. I increased my score by 13 points, just by doing the NINJA MCQs.

I am half way there!! I am currently studying for REG, which I plan to take by the end of May.

There have been so many changes at work. I was recently promoted and my responsibilities have increased. I feel as if I am doing the work of 2.5 accountants.

My wedding day is next month and I’m starting to feel a little stressed. The wedding planner is taking care of pretty much everything, it’s my wedding party and guests are starting to annoy me.

Since it’s a destination wedding, I am trying to arrange transportation for everyone and a lot of people seem to be waiting until the last minute to get things booked and paid for. I love to plan everything ahead of time and get it out the way.

Honestly, my studies for REG have not been that great. I still have a couple more chapters to review. I have been doing a few MCQs on the NINJA website. It’s time to really buckle down and focus on studying.

My fiancée graduates next week with his Masters, then we plan on having a graduation BBQ…. so many things going on.

REG is not as boring as I thought it was going to be, so I’m hoping that since some topics in this section has sparked my interest that I will pass this one on the first try.

Wouldn’t that be amazing! Pass on the first try! Let’s see what happens.

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Mack 9 years ago

Are you using other materials/couses besides Ninja MCQ's?