Recap of My Study Methods for BEC

21 Dec 2016


Joe LJoe is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Recap of my study methods for BEC.

After taking the BEC exam last week, I am still not feeling great about how I performed. I guess there is a possibility that I passed, however, I did not feel comfortable during or after the exam.

I began studying by reading the book from front to back and taking notes. I then started with NINJA MCQs. I began taking notes on most of NINJA MCQ questions.

I was able to get to the review section of the MCQ dashboard by correctly answering all questions at least once. Two weeks before the exam I rewrote all of the MCQ notes I had taken.

I purchased 3 black and white composition notebooks when I began studying. I used 2 of these notebooks to write all my notes, write MCQ notes, my note rewrite and a review rewrite. The last notebook was used as a final review highlighting the most important pneumonic, formulas and trouble areas.

I am praying every day that I passed this exam. I will be very disappointed if I did not, I spent many hours studying for this exam and thought I developed a pretty good system for studying. We will see.

Stay strong NINJAs.

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