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11 Jul 2012

Ask the NINJAs


Dear NINJAs,

I have just received my NTS and plan to schedule an appointment for the AUD exam. I don't know whether I am ready or not yet. Can you give me some advices on following questions? -Eric

Q: NINJA MCQ section questions easier or harder than the actual exam? Are their simulation questions good or similar to the actual exam?

A: Many people find that they are harder (the BEC questions can especially be brutal), causing “exam day” to be more pleasant than expected because you are prepared. The sims are close to the real thing.

Q: This the first time I am taking the CPA exam, is there anything I should know before taking it, while taking it, and after taking it?

A: Before taking it, you should be studying/cramming up to the very millisecond before you walk into the testing center. Take your NINJA Notes with you to the parking lot and go through a “weak” area one last time.

While taking it, you will get drowsy and bored. Fight the fatigue and the temptation to just blow through the 3rd testlet and be done.

After taking it? Go to a movie. Take a nap. Do jumping jacks … do whatever you want to do…you've earned it.

You will feel a mental “fog” after you leave the testing center. It's a feeling that only someone who has taken the exam can describe. It's like you've spent the past 3-4 hours in this intense ‘battle' that your friends and family won't understand.

If you have more sections to go, take a day or two off and then jump into studying again.

The longer you wait to open the books, the harder it will be to muster the motivation to resume studying.

Ride the study momentum wave while you have it.



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