Three Weeks until My BEC Exam and Still Grinding

24 Nov 2016


Joe LJoe is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Today officially marks 3 weeks from my exam. I am a little worried. My test is at 8 am at a test center 30 miles down I-25 in Denver (a traffic nightmare).

I will wake up and leave extra early that day to beat traffic. Along the way I'll buy a few 5-Hour Energy drinks.

Not sure how many of you caffeine addicts out there have tried it, but one little container of 5-Hour Energy is the equivalent of two coffees. I usually drink one before I go in and another during a test break.

I've correctly answered all of my BEC multiple choice questions in the NINJA MCQs and have continued pounding multiple choice questions.

I have also begun to make index cards of formulas and important topics for my commute as I begin to cram and memorize over the next few weeks.
The plan going forward is to:

  • Continue pounding MCQs each night
  • Rewrite my MCQ notes
  • Memorize as many formulas and mnemonics as possible in the next 3 weeks

Hopefully the kids cooperate and I can get some quality time in over the next few weekends as well.

Wish me luck and stay strong NINJAs!

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