20 May 2008

My REG Experience

It appears that the REG scores will be the last section released in the first wave of scores. The wait is killing me. I heard a rumor that scores could be released last night, so I checked 4 times in the middle of the night.

Clicking on the “submit” button to get your score and the 1/2 second delay before it reads “Error. Score not found.” should be outlawed by the Geneva convention. Pure torture.

Apparently, the database doesn't realize that if I pass, I'm almost a CPA (ethics exam), and if I fail – I lose FARE and I have to take REG again.

My guess is that they'll be out by Friday.

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michael bushnell 16 years ago

Man that does sound like torture. You'll be celebrating soon enough.

Jason 16 years ago

I know the feeling. During that split second, your heart is in your throat.

Win, lose or draw...hang in there.

I enjoy your blog. Good luck!

Adri 16 years ago

yuck. i can't imagine you not passing, though--you were so close last time!