Waiting…and waiting…

23 May 2008

My REG Experience

The good news: REG scores are out.

The bad news: I don't have mine.

The weird news: A friend of mine who took the exact same section in the exact same room on the exact same day had his score yesterday.

My score must have been so fantastic that they didn't think posting it electronically would do it justice.

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Adri 16 years ago

argh! so unfair! not to sound super lame, but I've been waiting for your post! victories of my own are hard to come by, so i have to celebrate vicariously =(

another71.com 16 years ago

Victories will come soon enough Adri!

You'll beat this thing one section at a time.

Anonymous 16 years ago

I had read somewhere that when you fail or when you are at the border scoring 75 or 76 you get your score in the first wave but when you have scored really well like above 78 0r 79 it comes later.. so hang in there.. iam sure you will get good news...

Anonymous 16 years ago

forgive the noob question but does nasba's site go down randomly? I have been trying to get results for georgia but i dont know the site. any help appreciated

another71.com 16 years ago

NASBA's site went down last night around 10pm CST and as of this morning at 6:45am, it's still down which has me cautiously optimistic that they're uploading scores.

The site goes down sometimes when they're messing with score info from what I've seen.