Ask the NINJAs – I Passed the CPA Exam … Now What?

12 Jul 2012

Ask the NINJAs


Dear NINJAs,

I just found out I passed my last section of the CPA Exam. What do I do once I have passed? In my state, I need the ethics exam. Do you know which study material is recommended? -Brian



Well done, sir. CPA Exam candidates seem to be lost in this regard.

“I passed … now what?”

Do: Find out if your state uses the AICPA Ethics course or if they have their own.

Don't: Procrastinate. You're not done yet. There will never be a better time to sit down and waste 3-4 hours of your life than the present. You already killed your social life for 8 months…what's a few more hours?

Do: Get the CD version of the ethics course. You can use the “search” function.

Don't: Get the book.

Do: Go to your state board of accountancy and download the paperwork to get your certificate/license.

Don't: Wait for your state to send it to you.

Do: Spend the extra $$ on a nice frame for your CPA certificate.

Don't: Expect your CPA certificate to be the quality it deserves. Join the AICPA if you want a nice certificate.



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