Ask the NINJAs: Early CPA Exam Score Release?

27 Jan 2015

Ask the NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

I've taken the first part of the CPA Exam — Auditing. I took it on January 17 and I'm hoping for the Feb 4 score release (of course I'm in the dying to know how I did pass).

I noticed in previous postings that NASBA released the scores early and you did a pretty awesome job predicting the release.

Any hope on Q1??




Dear Rob,

The good ol' days when scores came out before the target date and the NINJA Date was the actual score release date are long gone.

We live in a world with countdown clocks now, Rob.

That's the new normal.

And Rob – don't you dare complain about it.

Don't you know, Rob, that people used to walk barefoot 5 miles uphill both ways through the snow at 3am on a Sunday morning (the bars had just closed, so it seemed like a good thing to do) just to retrieve their scores at the post office from a one-eyed guy named “Earl” (no one knew his last name – or why he had their CPA Exam scores).

The nerve, Rob. The Nerve!!!

(No – don't count on any sort of an early score release).


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