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    June 07, 2014 The Best of...

    One Week to FAR Exam: NINJA Cram Session in Progress

    blog imageRollie is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


    It is getting closer to my rematch with FAR with just a week to go and my weekend is shot. I am in a wedding that involves setting up on a farm on Friday and Saturday. Maybe I can sneak some multiple choice questions throughout the set-up process.

    I am still averaging 50 percent with the NINJA MCQ and that is starting to scare me. I’m hoping that it will start clicking ASAP.

    Jeff recently posted a short clip about the NINJA method and suggested to buy the Uniball Vision Elite Pens to rewrite the notes. Well, guess what? I went to Costco and bought a 10 pack. They are much nicer than the ones I steal from my local credit union.

    I am currently in the process of re-writing the NINJA Notes and have made it through page 68. I am hoping to be done by Thursday with the rewriting process so I can have a full week to review and get my NINJA MCQ score up. A cram session along with some PTO usage will be in the game plan for next week.

    As I said, I am starting to get nervous because I do not want to fail and have all this study time go to nothing. The hours missed with the wife and the new kitties will hurt more if I do not pass and have to delay this process an additional 2 months.

    Therefore, I plan to cram like my college days and maybe stay up past 9:00 PM. I will let you know next week how nervous I am! At least after my test, I have fantasy football draft with BYOB or BYO 6 pack.

    August 19, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

    Back in the Groove: A BEC Study Plan

    christieChristie is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

    I think it’s time to get back in the groove of things.

    I’ve taken a break from studying since May’s testing period because of family happenings. My husband had surgery and then most recently my 6 year old had to have her tonsils and adenoids taken out.

    Now that those are all taken care of and she’s getting ready to go back to school, I figure it’s a good time for me to get back to studying and start working on my CPA again.

    I’ve had an unsuccessful go at FAR and AUD, and can’t remember a thing after all of the mess over the summer, so I’m going to start fresh with BEC.

    I plan on testing in October. Hopefully by starting now, starting off a little slow at first to get back in the swing of studying, I’ll be successful if I test in October and that will give me a renewed sense for this test.

    There should be less distractions since I took care of nursing everyone over the summer. I’ve got a plan to start reading my book, working on my NINJA Flashcard, and working all of the questions in my test bank before mid-September so that then I can get the NINJA MCQ and pass!

    I’m sitting myself down and making a calendar so that my studying is more organized than in the past. Maybe with a whole lot of prayer and some simple organization I can make it through this thing.

    Good luck to those of you testing the rest of this month! Stay strong!

    August 15, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

    No Time to Dwell on FAR Score + AUD Exam Next Week

    Ninja_Phillip JamesPhillip is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    I thought that I would have good news to report with this update, but I don’t. My second FAR retake score was a 67.

    I was literally beside myself; I was so emotional that I had a to leave work early. Failing this section three times is the most emotionally draining experience I’ve gone through in my life. The fact that I have been so relatively close each time is very discouraging.

    I think I would not feel as defeated if my scores were lower because that would tell me I lack knowledge and I need to study more. But failing scores that are so close to passing, and unhelpful score reports issued by AICPA are discouraging. What is the point of having a diagnostic score report since you have to re-study everything anyway? I digress…

    I do not have long to dwell on this setback
    due to my first Audit exam scheduled on 8/17. Unfortunately, the grieving process of my failing FAR score has substantially altered my study schedule this weekend. I am trying to find some meaning and inspiration in the face of this latest failure, so I bought my 4 year old son his first set of golf clubs and we went to the driving range for a “therapy session.”

    After leaving the driving range, we came home and watched the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I have always enjoyed watching the ceremony because I have always found it inspirational, listening to how the best of the best overcame personal and professional adversity to make it to the peak of their profession.

    So the lessons learned from watching the ceremony this weekend are: failing does not make you a failure, greatness demands perseverance, and true commitment to accomplishing a goal does not ask if but when.

    In closing, I want to wish all of you good luck on your upcoming exams and encourage you to keep pressing toward the finish line even in the face of failure.

    August 13, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

    Finally Screaming it: I PASSED the CPA Exam!

    us_photoAna is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

    Hello fellow NINJAs,

    I haven’t posted in a long while but I have been reading everyone’s posts and have been encouraged by your determination and hard work.

    Here I stand today on the other side, feeling so happy and accomplished, I can finally scream: I PASSED THE CPA Exam! I cannot believe this day is finally here where I can look back and say the battle is over and I can relax and enjoy my life!

    I started studying back in February of 2012. My goal was to pass all parts by the Fall but like many of you, I did not know what I was getting myself into. At that time I was working full time for a firm. First I studied and took FAR, but ended with a 69.

    I brushed that off and studied more intentionally for BEC which to my astonishment I passed it on the first try! I retook FAR, I actually took it 2 times in a row and got 73 each time! That was brutal…followed with a 74 for REG! By now it was the end of the year and decided to take December off to enjoy it with my family.

    In 2013, things got stressful at work and I got laid off in March. I figured now it was my chance to pass the exams! I was excited and hopeful as I had time to focus on studying! During this time, I was introduced to family and I got addicted to checking it out and learning about my fellow NINJAs across the country that were struggling with passing the exams just like I was.

    I purchased NINJA Audio & Notes…it totally made the difference as I was able to conquer REG! Again, with the help of NINJA, I took FAR for the fourth time and passed!

    I only had AUD left…shouldn’t be that bad right? If I passed the first 3 exams within a couple of tries I should be able to get this one done. I tried everything to pass AUD except the one thing that I needed to do most: really figure out what I did not know and focus on my weak areas, and quit blaming others for my failures.

    It took me a year to pass AUD (I lost BEC credit in Fall of 2013 and retook BEC which I passed again). I took this exam so many times that I lost count. One thing I did not want to do is give up to this last exam…I wanted to be a CPA!

    Here I stand today and looking back at all the hard work I want to say: it was totally worth it! All the long hours, no sleep, frustration and emotions linked with checking the exam results. I want to thank God first and foremost, my husband, friends and family, and of course the family on You guys helped me change my mind so many times when I was ready to give up!

    Thank you Jeff for the Audio, Notes & Flashcards..they were priceless!

    I want to encourage everyone who is still struggling to pass the exams. I believe that if you give it all, all the hard work it pays off! I had scores in AUD anywhere from a 59 to a 75!

    This community will always have a special place in my heart and I will recommend it to all my friends who are studying for the exam. It’s been great having all of you on this journey!

    Good luck to all the NINJAs!

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    Score Release Motivation + FAR Exam Coming Soon

    blog imageRollie is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


    Again it has been a long time, hence I am beginning to think that I will never learn. The first score release of the 3rd quarter happened this last Friday and it was so motivating to see all the people passing on the forum! Plus it gave me something to do at work.

    I had to move my test back to the 23rd of August as I got preoccupied with half year-end materials at my 2nd job. My 2nd job consists of consulting for a manufacturing company for about 10 hours a month, except during critical times.

    The half year-end items only took a week of my time and therefore I lost a week of studying.

    Life gets in the way, whether it is work, a wedding in a couple weekends or the “I am too tired” attitude. The key is trying to plan around these events. I have a wedding on August 16th, which will destroy my Friday and Saturday, but I know it is coming.

    I am now back to pounding the NINJA MCQ and rewriting notes. I am scoring around a 50ish percent still, which is motivating to see that I did not lose any of the knowledge over my week break. I am hoping by Saturday, I can get that bumped up to 70 percent. Last time, rewriting the NINJA Notes really solidified the information for me.

    In the next few weeks, I continue to flip back and forth between rewriting notes and pounding MCQ along with some SIMS. For me if I don’t switch it up, then I get bored and call it quits for the night. And to be quite honest, who wouldn’t get bored studying for FAR?

    With this plan in mind, I should leave a good week for review including any weak areas, etc. I will let you know next week (don’t hold me to it) on my progress.

    August 07, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

    Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Jessica

    JessicaJessica is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

    Hi from Texas!

    This is my first blog post. I’m nervous and excited about the opportunity to blog. Something about blogging makes me incredibly nervous, maybe because it’s a lot like public speaking. But, we’re all one big family of CPA crammers, right?

    Despite the nerves, I look forward to sharing with you guys my journey as I re-start my fight with the CPA exam.

    My first efforts were short-lived. I sat for REG in February 2012. I walked out of that testing center feeling completely defeated. I fought the CPA monster and lost. And to be perfectly honestly, I was completely uninterested in trying again.

    I convinced myself that I really did not need to be a CPA when the reality is, I just did not feel like shutting down my life to give it what it took to pass. Kindergarten through college, undergraduate, then graduate school … I was tired of studying.

    Fast forward two years, and here I am … at it again. This time I tried things a little differently. I sat for FAR in May and passed. Yay! Although it is the largest section, it is the section that I am most familiar with.

    I really thought that once I passed my first section, I would be extra encouraged to keep going. I started off that way, until I got knee-deep into the REG material. It’s dreadful and creates absolutely no motivation to study.

    So, I’m back at square one. This time, though, I actually have something to lose. I want to sit for REG at the end of August, so I need to really amp up the studying. I have made it through the Assessment portion of the NINJA MCQ, now I just need to hustle through the Adaptive Learning.

    I periodically go through the detailed report of my progress so that I can see what my weak areas are. I love that report! It really helps me to figure out where to put my energy.

    The biggest hurdle is finding the time and getting on a schedule. I work full-time, I’m married and usually have a relatively busy life. I let that be my excuse until I look at these people with a lot more going on than myself … important things, like CHILDREN. I figure, if they can find the time, then so can I.

    Back to a regular schedule. It’s a must! Studying after work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons will be spent playing catch up to make sure I stay on schedule.

    One step at a time. If I can do it for FAR, I can do it for REG. We can beat this thing, NINJAs!!!

    August 06, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

    Video: CPA Exam Difficulty Rankings by Section

    This video covers:

    1. Jeff’s order of CPA Exam difficulty.
    2. The actual order of CPA Exam difficulty (according to Pass Rates).
    3. How many hours you should study for each exam.

    CPA Exam Study Planner

    August 05, 2014 Video

    Good News: I Gained 33 Points and PASSED FAR!

    TraceyTracey is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


    Well I have some good news to share. I PASSED FAR! I literally kept refreshing the page and double-checking the numbers I entered to make sure the scorer was mine.

    This was my second time taking FAR and I defiantly studied like crazy for it. I reread my book, answered every single SIM in my book, purchased NINJA MCQ (trending a 66% going into the exam), and really focused on learning the concepts on my weak areas.

    I also made handmade flashcards with J/Es, calculations, definitions, etc. on them. Anything I kept tripping up on went on a note card. I reviewed these every day at work.

    Going into the exam I had to gain 29 points to pass…instead I gained 33 points! Everything I said above is what I did different. I also really tried to figure out how I learn best. That is a hidden secret to these exams is that no one learns the same. So you have to figure out what works best for you.

    So now it is time for AUD which comes at the end of August. Right now, I am 75% complete of reading the book. I will finish this weekend and then the non-stop MCQs begin along with focusing on any weak areas I might have.

    I will have 3 weeks for review so this should be enough. I will continue to make note cards and plan on doing every SIM in my review book, along with listening to NINJA Audio during my commutes.

    Congrats to all who passed this first score release, if you didn’t get back on that horse and PASS that exam. If I can gain 33 points you can too!

    Keep studying hard!

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