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    October 20, 2014 Another71 Forum

    CPA Exam Score Release Timeline: Q4 2014

    AICPA Target Date
    NINJA Date
    October 1 – 20

    November 4

    November 3

    October 21 – November 14

    November 24

    November 21

    November 15 – November 30

    December 9

    December 8

    Note: The NINJA Date is a perfect 9 for 9 in 2014.

    The CPA Exam Forum has the details.


    Any CPA Exam veteran knows that taking the exam is the easy part.

    The hard part of the CPA Exam is the score release wait.

    A couple of things about the information on this page:

    1. This is for NASBA States.

    If you live in California, Illinois or any of the other “Indie” states, then your score release will happen after the NASBA release. Usually it’s 1-3 days after, depending on the State.

    2. The science behind the NINJA predictions is simple:

    Target Date – 1 Business Day.

    That’s it.

    It’s very simple, but rarely wrong.

    The NINJA Date is a perfect 9 for 9 in 2014.

    3. On Score Release day, the only place to get up to date score release information is the Another71 Forum.

    CPA Exam

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    Where do I Check my CPA Exam Score?

    There are three categories of states when it comes to releasing CPA Exam Scores: NASBA States, Indie States, and Snail Mail States.

    Most state boards of accountancy outsource their score reporting function to NASBA. NASBA is quick, consistent, and reliable when it comes to releasing scores. Once the AICPA releases scores to NASBA, the Indie States, and the Snail Mail States, NASBA is very quick to upload candidates scores – oftentimes the same day.

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    October 08, 2014 CPA Exam Scores & Results

    CPA Exam Study Groups – October/November 2014

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    October 06, 2014 Another71 Forum

    CPA Reviewed #57: CPA Exam Study Advice – 9/23/2014

    Podcast Giveaway: Ten Point Combo – Winner announced during the show.

    “Ask Jeff” Questions (

    Tom - I am 27 and have no real-life accounting experience and have been working as a temp at firm for about a year in a position that doesn’t deal with accounting and very little finance. I want to get my CPA but my accounting knowledge is very low at this point. What do you suggest I do at this point? Do I need to do something to get a base accounting foundation?

    Link to Video (3:12)

    Tony - I failed FAR with a 68, and I am starting to study again for the exam. Should I re-watch the lecture videos or just reread the book, rewrite notes, and practice test questions in the test bank?

    Link to Video (2:14)

    Amber - I am overwhelmed by all of the review courses out on the market to pass the CPA exam. I’m going to get the Ten Point Combo and it seems to come with a plethora of information. Is that all I need to study for the four sections or do I need to get another review above and beyond?

    Link to Video (3:30)

    Roman – I’m 10 days away from my first exam — Audit. How should I study during these final days? I have the Wiley book and test bank, NINJA Flashcards and NINJA Blitz.

    Link to Video (1:45)

    Patrick - I am struggling with FAR, especially journal entries. Do you think your Ten Point Combo will help me prepare?

    Link to Video (1:20)

    Mohamad - I am struggling with the CPA Exam. Should I try to get my CIA instead since it is easier and then go for my CPA later?

    Link to Video (1:59)

    Pam - I get very bored during lecture videos and find it hard to retain the information as I just listen to these guys talk for hours. Do you think supplementing my lectures with the NINJA Notes might be a good strategy? I’m wondering if this is a common way to study and if you know if it has worked for others.

    Link to Video (2:15)

    Mike - There are no homework questions with my review course, only multiple choice questions. With the NINJA method, do I just ignore the MCQs for now and keep taking notes and watching videos? I feel like I learn more from the lesson when I work the multiple choice after the lecture and reading the material.

    Link to Video (1:41)

    Yi - I passed REG in 2012, but now I need to pass it again. Is my review material from 2012 still relevant? Can I use an updated supplement instead of purchasing all new materials?

    Link to Video (1:35)

    Facebook Questions (

    Xubair – Is it possible to complete REG in two weeks, studying full time?

    Link to Video (2:17)

    Audrey – What are some tips on how much and what you should study the last two weeks before a test?

    Link to Video (2:39)

    Justin - I’m studying for BEC using the wiley book and online test bank and your audio and ninja notes. What is the best strategy/time allocation for reading and doing MCQ’s?

    Link to Video (1:48)

    Justin D – Jeff, I’ve tried studying with another course (one that starts with a B) and I’ve had terrible results Gotta be honest, I’m feeling a bit down and defeated. It’s my lifelong dream of becoming a CPA. Can you help? Thanks

    Link to Video (2:54)

    Gary - What is the true nature of a 1031 like-kind exchange?

    Link to Video (2:14)

    Forum Questions (

    AScott89 - Do you think it’s possible to study for an AUD retake in eight weeks or less? I just started studying for my retake and I’m hoping to schedule it for the end of November. I work part-time and my schedule is always changing.

    Link to Video (1:36)

    golfball7773 How do you stay motivated after spending your whole summer on FAR to find out you pretty much bombed the test?

    Link to Video (2:14)

    Mjganier For AUD, what is the best method to get the management assertions (existence, valuation, etc) to stick? What are the specific keywords in the questions that will help identify the correct answer? These can be so tricky!

    Link to Video (2:00)


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    September 23, 2014 Podcasts

    Hoping to Rebound after Disappointing FAR Score

    blog imageRollie is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

    Hello NINJAs!!

    I wish I had some exciting news, but alas I do not. I finally received my FAR score after NASBA’s great Friday tweet and server issues on Monday. I knew what I was expecting, but I did not expect to completely bomb FAR.

    I received a 55. That is worse than when I was pretending to study last year. By pretending, I was justifying Call of Duty instead of studying. I am kind of shocked to the extent that I failed, but I need to hop off the depression train and pass in early October. Woo woo! (Train noise…)

    I was expecting to fail when I was only trending 49 percent in NINJA MCQ and the test was a beast. I don’t know why I thought my result would be any different.

    I am going to change my plan up just a tad. Instead of focusing on lectures, I am going to do purely multiple choice questions. The other change I plan on making is to stop at the gym before heading to the library. Hopefully by getting some physical activity in my life, I will be able to focus and understand the material better.

    When I was studying this summer, I felt like I needed some sort of nap by the time I got to the library and my productivity and ability to focus plummeted.

    To all NINJAs that have failed, I know it tempting to give up, but keep moving forward. If you follow the CPA Exam Forum, you see so many success stories and how the posters have changed their family and career by pushing ahead.

    I recommend looking at Kricket’s story. It is somewhere in the forum and it is great motivational story to push you ahead after failing. Until next time, I hope to rebound in Q4!

    September 12, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

    Going MCQ Crazy + Waiting on REG Score

    JessicaJessica is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

    Howdy, NINJAs!

    Ok … so, I slid REG in at the end of the testing window. It kind of snuck up on me. My original plan was to sit on July 18th. That way, I could have the test behind me while I went on the family vacation.

    Well, I soon realized that my motivation to study for REG wasn’t quite where it needed to be. I have to admit, I really thought after passing my first exam, I would come out with all this motivation and momentum and start knocking exams out … but … that didn’t happen.

    It didn’t help at all that, midway through my studying, I realized the tax rules and thresholds being tested were going to change. Some advice for those planning your timing … don’t take REG in the third quarter. Apparently, that test gets updated in June/July.

    Although I had been studying, it was a pretty slow grueling process. With two weeks left in the testing window, I had a decision to make: (1) buckle down and focus for the next two weeks and try to get in what I could or (2) convince myself that I can be disciplined enough to make the best of the next 6 weeks and sit for REG at the beginning of October.

    Instead of lying to myself, I scheduled it for the end of August. I spent the last two weeks going NINJA MCQ crazy. I also dedicated a couple of days to SIMS. Honestly, practicing SIMS feel so crucial for REG. They’re nothing at all like the MCQ’s.

    As for exam day, I really have no idea how to feel. The questions that I’m worried about seemed to fall into three categories: (1) things I know I should have known, but drew blanks on test day, (2) concepts that I was completely familiar, but the way the questions were set-up made the concepts seem useless and (3) things that I’m almost certain were not in my study material. On the bright side, there were not very many of the last category.

    And those SIMS … I hated them. Another tip … don’t forget to use the Authoritative Literature! I’m pretty sure it helped me on more than one of my simulations. All that being said, it was not a completely horrible experience. I did not walk out of it feeling as abused or violated … just mentally drained and relieved to get it over with.

    Now, I wait. I’m hoping the AICPA received my exam in time for me to make the next score release. With me testing on a holiday weekend, I’m preparing myself to have to wait. I’m hoping with all hope for that 75, so that I can sit for Audit in this next exam window.

    I would love to go into 2015 with just one exam left. I’m trying to think happy thoughts while I wait. On the upside, I’ve really been enjoying my time off.

    Happy studying, NINJAs!

    September 12, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

    Test Your Might (10/22): Capital Leases, IT, & More

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    “I bought NINJA MCQ about a week before I took Reg…Average Trending Score on NINJA MCQ = 82.17%. My actual score on the exam was 89.” – Mike H.

    “I bought the AUD NINJA MCQs for my final review and I scored an 87…Wonderful Addition!” – Teleka J.


    September 09, 2014 Featured, NINJA CPA Review, NINJA MCQ

    Back to Studying FAR after an Awful Exam Experience

    blog imageRollie is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

    Hello NINJAs!

    I am back to studying after the long holiday weekend and my FAR exam on the 23rd. I took a nice break by playing in a golf tournament and then heading up to Chicago for the weekend.

    My wife has always wanted to see a One Direction concert while they were popular so I managed to get tickets … Hence we made the 9 hour drive from the great state of South Dakota.

    The FAR exam was awful. I left an hour early because either you know it or you don’t. I did not know certain things as well as I thought and the MC questions got easier as I progressed. Once I got home, I started drinking red wine to drown out my anger and sorrows.

    I had one of my friends pick me to go to the fantasy football draft later that evening. My coworkers found my inebriated state to be quite funny. There was a poll on our ESPN league later asking “How drunk was Rollie at the draft?” At least a couple people at the draft understood my pain.

    I know we all think we failed, but then end up passing. This time, I would be quite shocked if I got into the 70s, especially after not knowing the answers to MC Questions and Sims. I plan on studying for FAR again even though the score release will come out on the 8th (NINJA Score Release Date).

    I hope to retake early October and sit AUD during November. We will see what happens on the 8th! Maybe I will have some shocking news.

    September 05, 2014 NINJA CPA Review
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