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    January 26, 2015 Another71 Forum

    Ask the NINJAs: SIM Software Troubles

    Dear NINJAs,

    I am running into a difficulty with the sims with my review course.

    It’s not that I am confused or don’t know the answers. It’s that I finish the sim and find out I got 40% of it wrong for not putting a negative sign or not putting something in brackets despite the content of my answers being right.

    The problem is that often there’s nothing in the directions telling to do otherwise.

    This is really frustrating and worrisome that the exam might be the same way.

    I’m wondering though if this is a software thing or if another company’s sims, like yours might be different.

    I’m not seeing anything about this problem when I research online, so I’m starting to think it’s just me. Help!



    Dear Amie,

    The good news is that all CPA Review software programs have their quirks. Only the AICPA has the exact software that you’ll see at Prometric on exam day.

    With that said, it’s possible to get pretty close and most companies do that.

    (Close counts in horseshoes, hand grenades … and CPA Exam Software)

    Should you let this worry you for exam day? No. It’s your mastery of the concepts that will matter on exam day. Everything else will work itself out.

    Should you switch to NINJA MCQ? While we NINJAs would love to have you, the scoring of the sims isn’t enough of a reason to change. Just roll with it and feel good about knowing that you understand the concepts well.

    However, if you’re wanting study software that has a NINJA Star to click on to check your answers, now that would be a reason to switch.


    -The NINJAs

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    January 26, 2015 Ask the NINJAs

    Prometric Closings – January 26, 2015


    Prometric has closed some testing centers due to winter weather.

    January 26, 2015
    Allentown, PA 1710
    Boston, MA 5135
    Boston, MA 5235
    Brooklyn, NY 5204
    Brooklyn, NY 5203
    Canton, MD 5001
    Clark, NJ 5858
    Clark, NJ 5871
    Clarks Summit, PA 1736
    Columbia, MD 0084
    Hamilton, NJ 4113
    Hamilton, NJ 4114
    Lancaster, PA 1731
    Laurel Springs, NJ 4101
    Lower Paxton,PA 1718
    Monroeville, PA 0082
    New York, NY 5844
    New York, NY 5845
    New York, NY 5846
    New York, NY 0040
    New York, NY 0041
    New York, NY 0042
    New York, NY 0043
    New York, NY 5856
    New York, NY 5879
    New York, NY 5880
    Pittsburgh, PA 1705
    Pittsburgh, PA 1706
    Poukeepsie, NY 0085
    Purchase, NY 4203
    Queens, NY 0019
    Towson, MD 0092
    West Springfield, MA 2525
    Woodlawn 5179

    Keep tabs on the updated list here as winter weather rolls in this week.

    January 26, 2015 News

    2015 CPA Exam Score Release Timeline: Q1 & Q2


    The AICPA has released the CPA Exam Score Release Timeline for the January/February and April/May 2015 Testing Windows.

    January/February Testing Window:
    February 4
    February 24
    March 10
    March 18

    April/May 2015 Testing Window:
    May 5
    May 27
    June 9
    June 18

    Get the latest score release news in the CPA Exam Forum.


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    January 02, 2015 CPA Exam Scores & Results

    2015 CPA Exam Changes: FAR AUD REG BEC


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    December 30, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

    2014 CPA Exam Pass Rates Released; Q4 Takes a Plunge

    Fail the CPA Exam

    The AICPA has released the Q4 2014 CPA Exam Pass Rates.

    The Q4 Pass Rates are bad relative to the rest of 2014.

    AUD 2014
    Q1: 47.35%
    Q2: 48.97%
    Q3: 47.41%
    Q4: 42.06%

    BEC 2014
    Q1: 53.28%
    Q2: 58.20%
    Q3: 57.90%
    Q4: 51.95%

    FAR 2014
    Q1: 44.06%
    Q2: 47.72%
    Q3: 51.14%
    Q4: 45.96%

    REG 2014
    Q1: 49.17%
    Q2: 51.69%
    Q3: 52.21%
    Q4: 44.49%

    However, Q4 is basically a push compared to previous years.

    Q4 2014: 42.06
    Q4 2013: 42.95
    Q4 2012: 44.15

    Q4 2014: 51.95
    Q4 2013: 54.44
    Q4 2012: 50.57

    Q4 2014: 45.96
    Q4 2013: 45.28
    Q4 2012: 45.53

    Q4 2014: 44.49
    Q4 2013: 46.61
    Q4 2012: 46.02

    December 24, 2014 CPA Exam Pass Rates

    Free 2015 NINJA CPA Review Downloads


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    December 02, 2014 CPA Exam Survival Guide

    Now Available – NINJA Book: AUD (2015)

    NINJA Book AUD

    NINJA Book for FAR, AUD, and BEC is here. HIYA!

    Comprehensive and Complete without added Filler

    Easy to Read, Understand, and Remember the Concepts

    No Lecture Videos Needed

    Special: NINJA Notes Included with NINJA Book Purchase

    Download the Free Sample Chapters

    NINJA Book also comes bundled with the Ten Point Combo

    Note: The AUD NINJA Book is updated for 2015.
    The rest of the NINJA Materials are still undergoing 2015 updates.

    December 01, 2014 NINJA Book
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