Black Belt Friday Sale + New NINJA MCQ Audio


    The Black Belt Friday BOGO Sale starts now!

    (this is by far the best deal of 2015 and is a once-a-year offer that won’t return until Thanksgiving 2016 – if at all)

    Buy One Ten Point Combo…Get One Free (BOGO)

    (This BOGO deal effectively makes the Ten Point Combo $198.50 per section). HIYA!

    But Wait – There’s More! Just in time for the BOGO…

    A New Ten Point Combo Addition (and NINJA-Exclusive Study Weapon):

    NINJA MCQ Audio – A Complete Audio Practice Exam (90 questions) that follows the weighting of the AICPA’s Content Specification Outline.

    I love this product! I’ve been searching for something like this because I usually have a long commute and I was trying to figure out a way to study while driving.”

    – Natalie B.

    These are awesome! – Greg W.

    “Jeff, I typically don’t respond to these emails but this time I find it important to let you know that these are AMAZING! I am an auditory learner and found these to be exactly what I need.” – Troy M.

    I love these new MCQ Audios! – Sarah M.

    NINJA MCQ Audio Test Drive:

    (Click to listen or right-click to download)

    The NINJA MCQ Audio is currently only offered as a part of the Ten Point Combo and comes with the BOGO Sale.

    How to get the BOGO deal (and the NINJA MCQ Audio):

    There are special coupon codes for this sale, depending on which section you want free.

    When entered, you will notice that they only discount the price by $1.00.

    These are used to track you as a BOGO customer and not necessarily intended to give an added discount.

    To get the FAR Combo Free – Coupon Code: BOGOFAR
    To get the AUD Combo Free – Coupon Code: BOGOAUD
    To get the REG Combo Free – Coupon Code: BOGOREG
    To get the BEC Combo Free – Coupon Code: BOGOBEC

    Buy One Ten Point Combo and use the appropriate code for your BOGO.

    (Please don’t add your “free” section to the cart – you need to email for that when you’re ready to study and your MCQ clock to begin)

    Link to Purchase:


    Q: Will there be a BOGO for the other NINJA products?

    A: No – this is it … the NINJAs went big with Black Belt Friday to deliver maximum savings. HIYA!

    Q: Will I still get free 2016 updates for each Combo?

    A: Yes – BOGO purchases come with free updates until you pass (aside from NINJA MCQ, which has a 3 month clock – but can be renewed for $39.95 for an extra 3 mo if you need it…this is why you should wait to email for your BOGO until you need it).

    Q: AHHH! I just bought a Ten Point Combo! What about me?

    A: No worries – If you purchased a Ten Point Combo in the past 30 days (October 24 to Present), then simply email us. The NINJAs have a way to make it fair for people who purchased in the past 30 days.

    Q: I already have the Notes and Audio for (exam section) – can I upgrade to the combo and get this BOGO deal?

    A: No – this promo is an all or nothing deal. Since one of the Combos will be free, hopefully this makes up for any redundancy in products (i.e. you have the notes and audio for BEC already and get BEC as one of your combos, which already contain the Notes/Audio).

    Q: How does it work if I Buy 2 / Get 2 Free? What about the clock on the MCQ for the 2nd “purchased” section?

    A: Just email us when you’re ready for the 2nd MCQ to be reset and you’ll be good to go. Same with sections 3 and 4 – email us when you’re ready to start those and need the Combos.

    Q: So if I’m reading this right I can purchase 2 sections for total of 794 (792 for discount) and I get the other 2 sections for free?

    A: That’s right! the difference between doing it this way vs buy a complete combo is the 1 year clock that comes with the complete combo, but renewals are inexpensive for the MCQ (39.95).

    Technically, the clock for both “purchased” will start – but ignore the 2nd one…just email when ready.

    Q: I won’t be studying until mid-2016, but want to get this deal. How does that work?

    A: No worries – technically, your MCQ clock will start at purchase, but just ignore that. Email us when you need it to be reset. We’re very flexible.

    Q: How does the Complete Combo work for the BOGO

    A: If you buy a Complete Combo, a friend gets a Complete Combo free! Send us their info and we’ll take care of it. How you split the costs with the other person is between the two of you. They will also get free updates until they pass just like they would if they purchased it directly.

    Q: How long does this last?

    A: Through Monday (Cyber Monday) at 11:59pm (PT)

    Q: Ok, can you recap this for me?

    A: Basically – if you buy a Ten Point Combo, you will get another one free that comes with all of the benefits of buying it.

    So…you buy the FAR Combo and want the BEC as your BOGO, you would buy FAR and use the coupon code BOGOBEC … you email us when you need, say, BEC – and I’ll send it to you – including NINJA MCQ which will start your 3 month BEC clock.

    Or…you buy the REG Combo (no book yet) want FAR as your BOGO. You buy REG and check out with coupon code BOGOFAR and email us when you need the FAR Combo in January or whenever.


    Please Note: There is no need to email about your BOGO purchase until you need it. If you used the BOGO coupon codes, we have you covered (and everyone knows that the NINJAs will always treat you right).

    Link to Purchase:

    November 23, 2015 Promos

    Did I Pass AUD? Nervously Awaiting Score

    MelissaMelissa is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    So I took my AUD exam on the November 9th. I feel like a professional test taker every time I step into the Prometric center.

    It’s fun to people watch and see what other kinds of exams people are there for when they sign in.

    Some look like newbies and have no idea what they’re in for and others look like they have been there before and know the process.

    My exam was at 9:00am. I’ve decided that morning tests are better than afternoon tests for me because it’s nice to get it over with first thing in the day otherwise I just have to sit and wait for the afternoon.

    I also think that I have more concentration in the morning.

    Not going to lie, I think it depends where they seat you in the room. I was at the end of an aisle towards the back and I felt pretty comfortable in that spot.

    The first testlet seemed okay, the second testlet seemed easy and I thought “Wow I have never felt this confident on any of these tests!” But then the third testlet came and it seemed to be harder than the second. I’m hoping that I didn’t second guess my answers too much on the multiple choice and that I came up on top.

    The simulations seemed to be okay and I recognized two that were the same or similar to other simulations I had on my previous attempts.

    If I did pass AUD, then my 18 month clock starts running. I haven’t passed any yet so if I fail again, I’m still not going to be on any time limit.

    I’m not sure what I will do if I fail again because I can’t bear the idea of failing AUD for a fourth time. Time will tell, and I am going to be nervous until I find out! I’m hoping that it will be a HAPPY Thanksgiving!

    Good luck everyone and I am rooting for you!!

    November 24, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    Quality Trumps Quantity: Working through BEC MCQs

    Bev Headshot NewBeverly is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    This past weekend I reviewed Financial Management. That section has always been very daunting to me.

    The main reason being that the last time I took BEC I could not remember anything and I went into total freak out mode.

    I also remember taking the exam and creating a present value table from scratch. Why I did this, I will never know. To this day, I still laugh at myself.

    I watched the Financial Management lectures and took extensive notes. For some chapters I am just reading the textbook and other chapters I am watching lectures first.

    I find myself so overwhelmed when I open up the NINJA BEC MCQs and see that a topic has over 200 questions.

    The Financial Management section has 354 MCQs and my goal is to get through them all by the end of this week. I collapsed the section and I copied the menu into excel.

    It has helped me in breaking down the sections and also picking my weak areas. It’s a piecemeal way of getting through all the questions.

    I do sets of 30 because anything more than that in one set I get antsy. I work through all new questions till I am done making sure that my trending score is at least 80% before moving on.

    One thing I struggle with is obsessing over the trending score. I have to remind myself that quality trumps quantity. I need to make sure that I am not just picking the right answers to raise my score.

    Happy Studying NINJAs!

    November 23, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    The Best Christmas Present: Never Taking AUD Again

    Joshua GraunkeJoshua is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    The best birthday/Christmas gift I could receive this year is never having to take any kind of Audit exam again.

    With re-schedules and the first failure, I have now been studying this material for over 3 months. I am ready to put this in the rear view mirror.

    The CPA has not been the highest priority for me lately. It’s unfortunate, but work and wedding planning have taken up a significant chunk of time and trying to find the motivation to open the book has been difficult.

    I need to find the initial spark that helped me knock out FAR again and get back on the horse so I can continue through this intense journey.

    Throughout it all, having the support of my fiancé and my family has picked me up when I hit the low moments. They help me to keep a lot of the perspective you lose sight of everything outside of work and the exam. It helps to know your cheering squad is behind you 100%.

    With 2 weeks to go before the last exam of the year, I hope to get the groove I found in July and get to the halfway done mark before the start of the new year.

    It will be rough, but the goal of being done with Audit is going to push me to finish strong and hopefully land another 75.


    November 20, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    Goal: Hit MCQ Review Phase before AUD Exam

    MelissaMelissa is a NINJA CPA blogger.


    I’m still studying for my retake in AUD, and I’m running out of time to master the material.

    I’m gaining more confidence but currently my overall trending score is in the lower 70s range in NINJA MCQ.

    I definitely want to get that percentage higher and my goal is to hit the review phase, since I’ve never done that before.

    This is going to take a lot of dedication but I need to do it if I really want to pass this time. I highly recommend the MCQ if you don’t already have it!

    In the meantime, my birthday is coming up so I’m hoping to get most of my core studying in before then so I can relax for my birthday.

    I love the fall season with the colors changing on the trees and being able to wear sweatshirts, drink hot chocolate, and watch football while studying for the CPA exam. (Probably should do more studying than fun.)

    Here’s another encouraging quote I’d like to share: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

    Good luck all!

    November 19, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    Final Review for BEC: Just Keep Doing MCQs

    Jenny Jenny is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    ONE WEEK! That is all I have left. I just want to run and hide.

    I would love to say I am 100% ready. Sadly, that is not the case. The only thing I can blame it on is myself. I just feel like I need more time.

    What is the plan this week? Work as many BEC MCQs as I can and rewrite the NINJA Notes.

    The important thing is not to panic or stress too much. If I panic or stress too much then I find myself overwhelmed and on the track to give up. I just have to press on and go from there.

    Spousal Insight

    Last week I made reference to the Marathon that my wife has been running (In reality the marathon is studying for the CPA exam). This is the time she needs the most motivation.

    Panic and stress can make the effort that you have been putting into this worthless. Being in the final stretch, and at this point the final ½ mile, you have to keep running.

    I am reminded of the movie Finding Nemo and my favorite character Dory. When Marlin and she were swimming the ocean to find Nemo, they found themselves needing to swim down a black crevasse, and Marlin didn’t want to swim down there for fear of the unknown.

    Dory came along and we all know what she said, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.”

    Even in this final week, and these final days, if those we love do NOT keep swimming, they will wind up putting themselves down.

    As a supporter in this effort, the only thing we can do is support them and remind our spouses that they have begun this journey. We are here to see them finish.

    So, inspired by Dory, I will leave this week with: “Just keep doing non-stop MCQs. Just keep doing non-stop MCQs. Just keep doing non-stop MCQs, MCQs, MCQs. What do we do? We do MCQs, MCQs.”

    November 17, 2015 NINJA CPA Review, NINJA MCQ

    On Track: Final Review Strategies for FAR

    Carolina2Carolina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    Hello NINJAs,

    Surprisingly, I’m still on track! During the past few weeks, I have been able to finish all the MCQs (haven’t hit the review phase), go through some of the SIMS, NINJA Notes, and Blitz.

    Before my FAR exam, I’m planning go over the MCQs again until I hit the review phase and review all the journal entries and ratios.

    I will also try to finish all the SIMS before my last week. Since this is my 3rd retake, I’m not planning on rewriting the NINJA Notes (although I know it could be beneficial if I do so).

    In addition, right now I think it’s a little late to rewriting all the notes, so I’m going to rewrite the ratios, formulas, and journal entries.

    I know that if I pass this one, I can pass the others. I just need to remain committed to this and finish this torture. I just need to find the strength and the motivation to keep swimming.

    November 17, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    Handling the Stress of the CPA Exam


    Angelle is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    Hey, NINJAs!

    I have taken REG since last time you heard from me. My exam experience was pretty typical. Before the exam, I was feeling nervous and unprepared.

    During the exam, I was second-guessing myself on every question. After the exam, I could hardly remember anything from the past 3 hours of my life.

    Does that happen to anyone else? When people ask me how the exam went, my answer is always the same: “It’s hard to tell! I guess I’ll find out when I get my score back!”

    Speaking of scores, this wait has been the worst for me so far. With FAR, my first exam, I didn’t even think about getting my score back. I was perfectly okay with being in the dark because I was so sure I had failed.

    With AUD, I had a feeling I had passed, so I wasn’t too worried. I was anxious for sure, but I wasn’t in panic mode. This time around, the anticipation is really getting to me! I am hoping for the best, but fearing the worst. I have an unsettling feeling that will not go away until I know my score!

    I’ve been trying to focus on studying for BEC, which is scheduled a couple of weeks from now, but the material doesn’t interest me at all. I had expectations of this being the “easy” section, but I don’t know why people say that.

    This is the CPA exam… Don’t expect any of it to be easy. There’s significantly less information involved than FAR or REG, but there’s still a lot to learn! I have realized that you definitely have to put all your effort into every part of this exam.

    Between studying for BEC and awaiting my REG score, I am feeling the pressure, so I have been working on ways to manage my stress level. Having supportive friends and family is helpful, but it’s also imperative to be able to manage your stress on your own.

    Here are some things I’ve done to relieve stress: going to the gym, cooking my favorite meal, going for a walk, taking bubble baths, Christmas shopping, and coloring in an anti-stress coloring book. (Coloring may sound silly, but it’s therapeutic, I swear!)

    I encourage you to find something you can do on your own to unwind. Go hiking. Call a friend. Go outside and play with your dog. Sit in your favorite chair and read for an hour. Write in your journal.

    Don’t let yourself get to a breaking point – take care of yourself so you can get back to studying with a strong, healthy mind! Our goal is to pass the CPA exams, of course, but wouldn’t it be great if we kept our sanity in the process?

    I wish you all the best in your studies and upcoming exams! Until next time…

    Happy studying!

    November 16, 2015 NINJA CPA Review
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