The NINJA500 Weekend Challenge

    free-cpa-exam-questionsThe NINJAs have had a lot of requests for the NINJA500 weekend challenge to return.

    So here it is…

    1) Between now and late Sunday night (whenever you call it a night) – do 500 NINJA MCQ.

    2) Post in THIS thread that you finished the 500 MCQ

    3) Every NINJA who posts in the forum thread, earns the rest of the NINJA MCQ ninjas one day’s access to the NINJA BLITZ cram-style videos.

    Example: 5 people post … 5 days of NINJA BLITZ are unlocked for the NINJA MCQ community.

    Example: 100 people post…100 days of NINJA BLITZ are unlocked (the ninjas are capping it at 100 days)

    Q: Does it have to be 500 MCQ from NINJA?
    A: Yes

    Q: Are you going to double-check?
    A: No. If the profession trusts you to protect the public interest, then so will the ninjas

    Q: Do I have to get the 500 MCQ correct?
    A: No – but if you’re going to spend the time – do it right. The goal here is to move you towards passing, not clicking through a bunch of questions to accomplish an arbitrary number of questions completed.

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    March 26, 2015 NINJA MCQ

    Test Your Might: BEC – Financial Analysis


    The NINJAs are giving away a free section of NINJA MCQ.

    Answer the free BEC CPA Exam question in the facebook post below to enter the drawing.

    Deadline to enter is today (Thursday March 26, 2015) at 5pm Eastern.

    Cook Co.’s total costs of operating five sales offices last year was $500,000, of which $70,000 represented fixed costs. Cook has determined that total costs are significantly influenced by the number of sales offices operated. Last year’s costs and number of sales offices can be used as the basis for predicting annual costs. What would be the budgeted costs for the coming year if Cook were to operate seven sales offices?

    A. $700,000
    B. $672,000
    C. $614,000
    D. $586,000

    Answer on the Another71 Facebook page in order to enter the drawing.

    Test Your Might: BEC – Budget & AnalysisA NINJA MCQ winner ($47 value) will be chosen randomly. To enter, post your…
    Posted by Another71 on Thursday, March 26, 2015

    March 26, 2015 Test Your Might

    Welcoming NINJA Blogger Josh!

    Joshua“Am I out of my mind?”

    This is the question I find myself asking every night after I cram in another hour of studying for a test. Not even sitting for the CPA exam yet, I find myself memorizing accounting terms and calculations as I lay in bed and I spend my time at work listening to YouTube lectures on “hedging foreign exchange risks on a balance sheet”.

    I have traded in my seat at the bar and my Playstation controller for four CPA Review textbooks and the prospect of spending the entire summer at a dining room table.

    The feeling I experience while typing that sentence is not one of joy. Such is the life of a late bloomer.

    My journey to accounting has been very similar to how I would describe my life in general: traditionally unconventional.

    I put in four moderately-challenging years at Arizona State, but I didn’t know if accounting was for me.

    After working four years in private accounting, I got my act together, set a solid career path for myself, and started working my butt off to get to my dream job.

    I knew that the CPA Exam was always a goal, but an additional $30,000 of student debt for a MACC or an MTAX was not. I was lucky enough to find to see how other people navigated the same situation I was in, and finally set my sights on LSU Online.

    Since I am the type that of person that acknowledges logic and reason as I go screaming by them like a heat seeker to the land of dumb decisions, I decided to knock out four classes in three months so I can sit for FAR at the end of May.

    I have a test every week from now until the end of March, sometimes two in a week.

    “Am I out of my freaking mind!?”

    I told my girlfriend I wanted to wait on proposing until I had knocked out a good chunk of the CPA exam process. With that, I found my biggest cheerleader, and my harshest critic of study habits. I know she’s right (as always) and that I need to focus, but I am facing a bigger fear than studying for endless hours and doing MCQs until my clicking fingers bleed: failure.

    The other side of the coin that motivates me to seek the CPA designation is that if I fail, I accept full responsibility.

    I was not pushed in to taking this test, this was my decision.

    If I quit on this, or throw in the towel because I can’t dig deep enough, there is no one to blame for failing but me. I know this is going to suck, it already sucks and I haven’t even received my NTS yet.

    But if I am going to be the COO of the Los Angeles Rams, I need to suck it up and dig in for the biggest challenge of my life.

    It’s me and the CPA, Thunderdome style: two go in, only one comes out.

    “I really am out of my freaking mind!!”

    You better believe it. And I can’t wait to get started.

    March 25, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    NINJA Book is Complete! Free NINJA Notes with Purchase

    NINJA Book for REG, FAR, AUD, and BEC is here. HIYA!

    Comprehensive and Complete without added Filler

    AICPA-Licensed Content

    Integrated MCQs & Examples

    Easy to Read, Understand, and Remember the Concepts

    No Expensive Lecture Videos Needed

    Study on Desktop and Mobile

    Launch Promo: NINJA Notes Included with NINJA Book Purchase

    Download the Free Sample Chapters

    NINJA Book also comes bundled with the Ten Point Combo

    March 17, 2015 NINJA Book

    CPA Reviewed Podcast #58 – March 16, 2015

    March 16, 2015 Podcasts

    CPA Exam Score Release: April, May, June 2015


    On Score Release day, the only place to get up to date score release information is the Another71 Forum.


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    Where do I Check my CPA Exam Score?

    There are three categories of states when it comes to releasing CPA Exam Scores: NASBA States, Indie States, and Snail Mail States.

    Most state boards of accountancy outsource their score reporting function to NASBA. NASBA is quick, consistent, and reliable when it comes to releasing scores. Once the AICPA releases scores to NASBA, the Indie States, and the Snail Mail States, NASBA is very quick to upload candidates scores – oftentimes the same day.

    Go to the CPA Exam Forum

    How to Study for the CPA Exam (and Stay Married in the Process)

    familyThis is an excerpt from the CPA Exam Survival Guide, which is a free download.

    One of the most difficult aspects of taking the CPA Exam is the toll it takes on personal relationships.

    Your family misses you and your friends don’t understand why you’re always “studying.”

    Here are some strategies to help keep it all together.

    The CPA Exam is rough on a marriage.

    You work, come home, and then escape to the spare bedroom or coffee shop to knock out three hours of studying after grabbing a quick bite to eat.

    When I was studying, my wife and I had three kids.

    A spouse can only take so much loneliness, so you need to make sure that you do your part.

    If you’re married and studying, you absolutely cannot put your marriage (or kids) on hold.

    If you do that, you’ll come home to an empty house. I hope the certificate was worth it.


    Through the years, I’ve had to put my counseling hat on numerous times because a couple was headed to a divorce due to CPA Exam-related issues.

    It isn’t the CPA Exam that caused the marital problems.

    It was one person thinking that they could ignore their spouse and focus on just working in public accounting and studying.

    They thought they could still maintain some semblance of a marriage.

    Three couples specifically come to mind as I write this.

    In one instance, the wife left the husband as he was studying for REG—the weekend before his exam—and took the kids to live at her mother’s house.

    I am happy to say that they worked things out and are still married. I get Christmas cards from them every year.

    Another couple had the reverse situation: the husband moved out because the wife was studying.

    She wasn’t making him a priority, and I told her as much.

    When a marriage is on the line, there’s no need to be anything but blunt. I told her to stop studying and take a break to restore her marriage.

    They got divorced.

    The third couple put the exam on hold, got right with each other, moved back in together, and are still married.

    If you’re married and studying – and want to stay married while you study – you have to make your spouse feel like they are still #1.

    Even if it means you forgo that extra study session on bonds and cut a three-hour study session short by an hour, spend time with your significant other.

    You also have to embrace the reality that the CPA Exam is now your “me time” activity.

    Whatever activity you’re into—golfing, hunting, tailgating, girls’ nights out—it all gets put on the shelf while you’re studying.

    Your “me time” activity is now your spouse. Period.

    If you’re not working, studying, eating, or sleeping, then you should be spending quality time with your spouse. Just embrace this new reality.

    Sound extreme? So is ruining your marriage.

    With that said, there is still a place for a guys’ night out and stuff like that, but it has to become the exception rather than the rule.

    Taking Saturday night off from studying? Schedule a date with your spouse and go do something fun together.

    This may sound “preachy” – and it may be, but I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I and many others have made.

    When I was studying, my wife would see me come home from a long day of public accounting and plop down in front of the TV after the kids were in bed to play video games instead of studying.

    After two years of going through the motions with the exam (study for a week ahead of the exam…fail with a 71…repeat), my wife finally came to me and said (paraphrasing),

    “Listen. I support you, but if you’re going to do this and if the kids and I are going to sacrifice, then I want to see you sacrificing too. Either do it right or hang it up.”

    She was right!

    I had been such a lazy jerk-bag (my words, not hers).

    That was when I got serious and PASSED – including a 92 on REG.

    In retrospect, I wanted to be a CPA, but I didn’t really want to be a CPA in the sense that I was willing to do whatever it took.

    My wife helped me to realize that and fix it.

    Some parting thoughts…

    1. When you study – study.

    Shut down all other distractions. The time you save is better spent on your significant other.

    2. Tell your spouse weekly – if not daily how much you appreciate their support.

    Let them know that you value and appreciate their sacrifice in this venture as well.

    3. Keep them in the loop – even if you don’t think they’ll “get it”.

    Hate Bonds and Leases?

    Tell them about it.

    Scored a 58 on your Corporate Tax MCQ session?

    Vent to them.

    Praying that you don’t get any Variance questions on your BEC exam this week?

    Confide in them (they won’t tell the AICPA about your secret weakness).

    Jeff Elliott another71Jeff Elliott is a licensed CPA (KS) who had a saint for a wife while he was studying for the CPA Exam. They live in fly-over country with 6 (soon to be 7) children.

    You can download his CPA Exam Survival Guide free.

    February 10, 2015 CPA Exam Survival Guide

    CPA Exam Scores Expected (late) Monday Night


    The AICPA has released the CPA Exam Score Release Timeline for the January/February and April/May 2015 Testing Windows.

    Note: Scores typically come out at 1am (EST) on the target date.

    If this trend continues, then scores will be out late (very late) Monday night – February 23.

    January/February Testing Window:
    February 4
    February 24
    March 10
    March 18

    April/May 2015 Testing Window:
    May 5
    May 27
    June 9
    June 18

    Get the latest score release news in the CPA Exam Forum.


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    February 09, 2015 CPA Exam Scores & Results
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