Switching It Up: Taking a Break from Studying BEC

    Christina F

    Christina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    Hello fellow NINJAs!

    Hopefully everyone is studying hard! So a lot has happened the past few weeks; one being that my husband got a new job and gets to start that soon.

    Now that school is back in session, my kiddos are finally back on a good schedule, so I get more study time at night – YAY!

    With all of the changes going on, and the fact that I couldn’t concentrate on BEC for one more minute; I decided to switch things up in the past few weeks.

    I’m studying for REG now. I’ve gotten so much more studying done and have been so focused, it’s been great.

    I haven’t gotten to the tough part yet – taxation, but I feel good about this section, which is a lot more than I can say for the other sections I’ve taken.

    It is a great feeling that I am actually understanding and retaining what I’m studying. I had been so focused on studying BEC for so long with me constantly having to change when I planned to take the exam, it was time for me to try something else; I was burnt out.

    My goal is to take 2 exams this upcoming quarter so that I can (hopefully) pass 2 exams, one being on the very last day of November. I have faith I can do it.

    With me, it’s all about knowing what I can and can’t do, and before now I just didn’t have the faith in myself to pass this exam; but I dug deep and found it. I am going to pass this exam.

    I’ve got a new outlook on this exam and can’t wait to get through it!!

    October 09, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    I Will Not Fail: Motivated to Obliterate AUD Exam

    Joshua GraunkeJoshua is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    Re-taking a test is the ultimate measuring stick of discipline. You have to learn how to tell that voice that says, “Oh, I read this before, I remember it” to shut the heck up.

    I have to remember that if I truly knew this stuff, I would be studying for REG and not getting prepped for a retake of Audit.

    The last 2 weeks have pushed my motivation to the very limits in sticking with this test. I’ve never wanted to stop reading a book so bad.

    The CPA has gone from something I want to get done, to something I need to get done. The journey to certification is intense and grinds you down to your core the longer it goes on.

    The goal is to get Audit and BEC done before the end of the year, but between the crunched timeline and the uptick for my department at work, it’s going to be a gut check 4th quarter.

    The key motivator for me is just taking 20 minutes to sit on my couch and to unwind. Those previous few minutes of bliss remind me that if I get through this exam, I will never have to spend my nights off this couch again if I so choose. That alone gets me to pick up the book and keep studying.

    I have 3 weeks to get ready for Audit, which will be NINJA MCQs until I have seen every question. I want to go in to this retake with the notion that I will obliterate this exam and banish the AUD exam book to the darkest corner of my bookshelf.

    I will need to keep everything in focus to make sure that work and home life do not suffer, but it helps that everyone knows what’s on my plate. As the great Rocky once said,

    “It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

    My 67 was not a failure. I am not re-taking this test because I am a failure. Giving up is the only failure.

    I will not fail.

    October 08, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    NINJA Blogging Therapy + Taking FAR before AUD

    Keona2Keona is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    Update: AUD in less than 2 weeks (Taking care of health while studying)

    I decided to travel to go visit my father. I mentioned in my introductory blog he suffered a stroke earlier this year, prior to starting my studying section for AUD.

    The night I came back I had a sore throat and an earache. Oh great! A summer cold to start my studying off with!

    Life happens. Sick or not, the show must still go on.

    I was back to carrying around my books and notepad. Thankfully the AUD book isn’t as heavy as the FAR book.

    Although I wasn’t feeling back to 100%, I still needed to start studying because my exam was scheduled already.

    I made the decision to become a NINJA blogger; my first blog was therapeutic. I am a private person so writing a blog is so out of character for me.

    I received so much advice and motivation from my fellow NINJAs and I thought it would be selfish to not share my story.

    After I was able to get rid of my cold I went to the doctor for a physical. I ran into a problem most CPA candidates run into. I gained weight! My doctor informed me of a gain 10lbs since my last visit.

    So of course I explain I was studying for the CPA for the last 10 months but I knew that wasn’t a good excuse. Unfortunately, I am working full time and trying to squeeze in 20 hours per week of studying, so I stopped going to the gym.

    I am less than two weeks away from my third section of my CPA. I plan on pounding NINJA MCQ for my final review. I also plan on completing all the Simulations in NINJA MCQ.

    I did that for my FAR exam, even though some might think its overkill but the Simulations are 40% of your score so I like to be comfortable with the Simulations. Even though you never know what kind of Simulations you will get on your exam day.

    My advice for my fellow NINJAs debating on taking FAR before AUD please consider this; taking FAR before AUD is definitely helping me with my studies. Also the BEC IT section is helping me with AUD IT.

    October 06, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    Attitude for Success + Studying for AUD Retake

    MelissaMelissa is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    Hello again NINJAs.

    Well, I scheduled my fourth round of AUD for the second week of November.

    Unless a major change happens between now and then like a job offer (I’ve been interviewing for full time positions), this gives me 6 to 7 weeks to study.

    I have already started re-writing the NINJA Notes and doing some multiple choice questions as a start to studying for AUD.

    I think it’s hard to study for a retake, especially multiple times. I feel like I know some topics well but I obviously don’t know all the details since I can’t pass.

    Also, I’m still working on getting rid of those distractions. For example, it’s easier to look at the Another71 forum instead of doing questions.

    I’ve been thinking about college when my accounting professors would talk about the CPA exam. My last year was really focused on preparing us for the exam but I didn’t take it that seriously.

    I remember sitting with my advisor and he was trying to talk me into taking the exam after graduation because it would be silly to be an accountant without being a CPA.

    I had myself convinced that I didn’t want to be a CPA or attempt the exam but once I graduated and got into the real world, I started to see what the benefits of being a CPA could mean for the future of my career.

    I’m realizing this exam is all about attitude. If I believe in myself and believe I can do it, I can pass right?

    This past weekend, I did a color run. I wasn’t looking forward to getting plastered with colored powder but it was really fun in the end. I talk to myself negatively when it comes to running because I don’t think I’m a good runner.

    But running takes practice and a can-do attitude, just like the CPA exam. I’m still trying to find my positive attitude towards both though!

    For those of you taking an exam in October, I wish you good luck! Here’s a quote I’d like to share: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

    October 05, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    Speed Bumps on the CPA Exam Path

    JennyJenny is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    All I have to say is I HATE COLDS.

    Okay, I hate any type of sickness but colds seems to be the worst. A cold just makes a normal, easy task 10 times harder.

    Don’t get me started on studying. Studying with a cold is not ideal. Every time I sat down to study I would feel like my head was in such a fog.

    I tried to stay as focused as I could. I’m focusing on the NINJA BEC MCQs. The information is slowly seeping in. There are days I feel like I haven’t made any progress.

    For now, I will focus a day at time. I also have to keep telling myself, each time I sit to study, as I proceed, I am gaining the knowledge I need to pass the exam.

    Spousal Insight

    Through this adventure, there will always be up days and down days. And unfortunately, as a spouse, sometimes stress gets to everyone, including me.

    When this stress is coupled with a sickness that gets passed around to all 4 kids, the studying wife, and myself, sometimes things become almost unbearable.

    HOWEVER, all of these things are just speed bumps in the road to success. These are short in duration, and sometimes cause a hard hit.

    The trek to pass the CPA exam is like traveling up a mountain on switch back (Slowly meandering back and forth and slowly up the mountain). So, when you hit a speed bump (like sickness) along that path, it can make the trek seem harder.

    As a spouse, and encourager, it is our responsibility to try to flatten those speed bumps as much as possible. Sometimes you can’t (like sickness), but some you can (like making sure the household runs smoothly).

    September 28, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Melissa


    Melissa is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    Hello NINJAs. My name is Melissa and I’m from the land of beer and cheese, that’s right…Wisconsin.

    I graduated college in 2013 and don’t really have any responsibilities yet like a husband and kids. I started my CPA journey one year ago.

    I had finally gotten out of a job that I didn’t like and landed one that was only 30 hours a week and closer to home.

    I was feeling confident about life and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give the CPA exam a shot.

    I want the letters “CPA” behind my name to be more marketable and have more options in the job market so I can potentially move out of a small town into a bigger city and out of my parents’ home.

    So I started with FAR last summer and studied for about 2 and a half months. I really had no idea how to study and failed with a 55. I decided to move on from FAR and study for AUD. I failed with a 61.

    Since then I have taken AUD two more times and have failed both with a 72 and 66. Mix in another FAR retake fail and a BEC fail and my confidence was failing.

    After a few weeks off from studying and thinking about life, I’ve decided to take AUD again in November. I know I am capable of passing but I am going to have to change my study methods. I’ve been using NINJA MCQ along with some other programs that have an expiration date of January.

    My problem is that I jump into the MCQ without nailing the concepts. This time around I will be reading my book more and purchasing NINJA notes and hopefully actually following the NINJA method.

    I also need to get rid of distractions such as my phone and the Internet, and the mindless amount of hours I spend wasting time doing nothing on those things.

    I’m hoping that becoming a NINJA blogger will keep me more accountable and give me more motivation to pass this beast of an exam.

    If you’re reading this, don’t be so hard on yourself and know that you’re not alone in this journey!

    September 25, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    Starting a New Life While Studying for the CPA Exam

    dustinpicenglandDustin is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    I have officially started at the Big 4. I have only been there a couple of days thus far, but it is going very well.

    We have training for about two weeks, so I won’t have any client work until the end of the month.

    I think this will be a good way for me to become more comfortable with what I will be doing and how I’ll be doing it.

    I think there will be numerous challenges along the way, but my Bachelors, Masters, and CPA exams have trained me thus far for anything.

    I have realized I won’t be able to take as aggressive of a study stance as this summer, so I will be taking one exam in October, and another in January (those are my contingent plans – possible they will change).

    It is hard to study for the CPA Exam more than a couple of hours a day right now. I spend full days at the office and then I try to stay a few hours extra to get a little studying in there. I figure it is better to do it there, because once I come home my motivation is drained and I want to unwind.

    I have met some great people thus far in training. A lot of people actually. Some I will work with in the future, and others I will not, but that is to be expected, as some of us are in different industries. It is exciting to start with a group of ambitious “go-getters,” many of who are about my age.

    Many went to top schools, but some went to smaller colleges like myself. Some people have passed all parts of the exam (very jealous), others have some parts done (my category), and then finally there are a few who have not even applied for their NTS yet (they are in for a wild ride).

    I think I want to take my next exam in October since I have training until the end of the month, thus a little bit more freedom to study. Client work obviously is priority, but they work with us to get these exams done, as they want us to be certified.

    I am nervous and excited at the same time. Excited to be going forth with a career, but nervous about the new job (which I think is totally normal) and anxious when it comes to the CPA exam.

    I need to get these finished, but in due time. This is accrual punishment (see what I did there?—cruel punishment)

    September 24, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

    Welcome NINJA Blogger Keona!

    Keona is a NINJA CPA blogger.

    Hello Fellow NINJAs

    I am an avid reader of Another71.com blog. (btw I might have an obsession with visiting Another71.com).

    I started my CPA journey in December 2014. I remember waking up and thinking about the goals I haven’t reached yet and the CPA exam was one of them. I had started studying before but got off the wagon.

    I figured if I invested money in the application fee that would get the fire behind me. So there I go on CPA Central paying over $400 for the application fee and for my BEC registration.

    I had already ordered books for all four sections so I was equipped to start my journey (or so I thought).

    I had the schedule date of February 16th in my mind for my BEC exam. That would give me two months to study for BEC – I know what a joke!

    I wished I would have been introduced to this site earlier. I know the bloggers would have suggested a shorter timeframe. I was a newbie to the CPA exam world and that was one of my biggest mistakes.

    It took a while to receive my NTS because I started my application around the end of fall semester and the winter break so my transcripts took a while to get NASBA. I received my NTS on February 9th and scheduled my exam for February 16th.

    In the middle of January 2015, while in the midst of studying, I received a phone call that my father had a stroke. This was a difficult situation since he lived 600 miles away.

    My siblings and I all live in the same state. In the middle of my study routine I had to leave to go to the state he lives and fill out all the necessary paperwork for him.

    Despite this bump in the road, I still decided to keep my exam date of February 16th. I took the BEC exam and I honestly didn’t know how I did. It was great just getting the experience of taking the exam.

    While I waited the three weeks for my scores, I read Another71.com instead of starting to study for the next section. (I know a waste of time).

    I received my score a 68, I was disappointed, but I knew most people retake sections of the exam. With the advice from my family and fellow NINJAs, I decided to stick with BEC even though I was ready to move to AUD.

    I purchased NINJA MCQs for BEC (the best purchase I made in 2015). I changed my study routine by going straight to Starbucks after work to study (quit going to the gym and studying at home) and restudied for the next 3 weeks.

    I took BEC feeling way more confident. I had four weeks to wait for my score. While waiting I started studying for AUD and I was getting a little nervous about fitting AUD in the same quarter because of my work schedule (budget time and my boss resigned). I decided to switch direction and study the beast next.

    I scheduled the test in the beginning of the Q3 testing quarter. That gave me two months to conquer the beast we know as FAR. In the middle of changing direction from AUD to FAR, I found out I passed BEC with an 84. (My first CPA exam pass! Woo-hoo! I found out on Cinco de Mayo which was great)

    I used the same method for FAR as BEC I read other materials while completing MCQs and Sims in the book. Then I purchased the NINJA MCQ for my final review and it really helped put everything together.

    I was ready (or not) to take my second section of the CPA exam: FAR. I took the exam and felt how everyone felt about the Sims: OMG! I decided to enjoy the rest of summer and wait for the FAR score to decide my next step.

    Score release day came and I couldn’t sleep I usually don’t check my score until the morning but this time I couldn’t wait. A 77, I passed by the skin of my teeth but I worked so hard for it so I was happy.

    I moved on to AUD and plan on sitting for AUD in the beginning of next testing quarter. I also have REG schedule for the end of next testing quarter so I will be busy. Wish me luck.

    BTW, my company announced a global transformation starting January 1, 2016, which means there will be layoffs and I’m not sure where my future lies here.

    So this was the perfect time to complete my CPA exam. It’s funny how timing works out.

    September 24, 2015 NINJA CPA Review
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