CPA Exam Score Release: Friday?

Any CPA Exam veteran knows that taking the exam is the easy part. The hard part of the CPA Exam is the score release wait. A couple of things about the information on this page: 1. This is for NASBA States. If you live in California, Illinois or any of the other “Indie” states, then […]

CPA Exam Score Release & Results: Q1 2014

February 06, 2014 CPA Exam Scores & Results

[Track the Score Release in the CPA Exam Forum] CPA Exam Score Release Timeline: January 1-20 Exams Official Target Date: February 4 NINJAs Said: Monday, February 3 Actual Date: Monday, February 3 January 21 – February 14 Exams Official Target Date: February 25 NINJAs Said: Monday, February 24 Actual Date: Monday, February 24 Next: February […]

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