CPA Reviewed Podcast #63 – 2016 CPA Exam Changes

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Intro: CPA Exam Pass Rates and CPA Exam Score Release Timeline

1. Purchase Q3 NINJA Materials now or wait?
2. Credit expiring 2/24 – when to take exam?
3. Passing before joining a Big 4 Accounting firm?
4. NINJA MCQ vs NINJA Notes as a study supplement?
5. Getting Texas (Arizona? Michigan) CPA License while working in Industry?
6. Took paper and pencil exam – is NINJA right for me?
7. How long should the N-I-N in NINJA take?
8. Is it ok to use 2011 CPA Review material?
9. Trending score: 72 Actual score: 50s … why?
10. Out of school for 10 years – which review course to use?

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