A Humbling Year with the CPA Exam

Stacey-HeadshotStacey Adam is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Exactly a year ago, I sat down to take my first CPA exam. Now I am studying to take that same test for the third time.

This has been a humbling year as I have taken four tests without a pass. Although I came within 2 points, it counts for nothing.

On the positive side, the 18 month clock has not started. On the negative side, I have been putting off taking my next test until I am fully confident, in fear of failing again. I have been struggling to pick a test date, to make that commitment.

I have improved the quality of my study sessions but my work hours have still cut into the amount of study sessions I have been able to fit in to my days.

Notecards have been my best friend throughout the day to squeeze in some reminders. Now I need to find a way to add another hour of studying to my day and get this test off my to-do list this month.





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