Another CPA Exam Scheduling Snafu

12 Apr 2016


Rollie SRollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.


I would like to welcome you to the crapshow (on work computer) of my CPA Exam journey.

This is getting to be so discombobulated and confuddled that I am even wincing at reading my awesome blog posts.

After reading this masterpiece, feel free to publicly shame me in the comments.

Sidebar: Before delving into my wonderful mistakes, I am going to China with my father for 10 days in the middle of April to meet up with some of his manufacturers scattered across the massive country. Should be very interesting for me as I live in South Dakota.

A while back, I had two NTS’s that would expire at the end of May: AUD & BEC. I figured I would start with AUD and knock out BEC after China in order to be done before the expiration date. All is hunky-dorey.

I am trending lower 50’s in AUD on NINJA MCQs, so I figured I would schedule my exam for early April.

I go to schedule and what do I see?? Invalid NTS. I already used that NTS last summer. I still feel like a complete idiot and now feel that I am running all over the place to get this exam passed.

Where does this crapshow (again – work computer) go to keep moving forward? I will start BEC because I don’t want my hard earned money to be wasted and I WILL get that done in May.

I am hoping for this to be the last snafu and I will pass all 4 parts before 2017! Wishful thinking? Yes. Hopeful? Yes!

Here’s to turning this crapshow (reminder-work computer) into a CPA certificate on the wall!! Cheers?

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