AUD Exam Take Three: In a Studying Slump

03 May 2016


By Key522

Keona2Keona is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I finally got to the point of questioning myself about theCPA exam.

I have been studying for over a year and I have missed so much leisure time.

I actually had a family member say to me that maybe this test is not for me. Ugh, this is why I regret telling people about my test.

It would have been impossible to not tell my family and friends about the test. I’m always missing events because I’m in Starbucks studying. I am getting myself out of this slump and continuing going to Starbucks after work to study.

I cannot wait to be able to go straight home after work or to the gym, anything but to study. I reset my NINJA MCQs and I am starting from scratch for my AUD exam take 3. I did not think AUD would be my nemesis but it is.

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ANTHONY DIDATO 8 years ago

Don't give up - I know you can do it. It took me 3 x's last year before I passed BEC - every time I was inching higher and higher until I passed!

Teal Geiger 8 years ago

Don't worry girl, I have been studying a year and a half and I haven't passed any of them. I am still trying though! Just signed up again :) :) :)

Sherri 8 years ago

Don't give up, I know plenty of CPA's that took several tries to pass. Don't let other people get you down, they have no idea how hard this test is.

dT 8 years ago

Hang in there. I was at Starbucks for almost 2.5 years with my little kids and wife at home. Dig in and finish this! I also thought Aud was the toughest one. I did 3,500 MCQ to pass on my second attempt .....and got a 75. You can do it too.

Jessica Menardy 8 years ago

Girl I am with you - we will get through this. I have been struggling since 2012 - but we just can't give up. You got this!

Michael 8 years ago

I feel your pain. This is my second take. Stay positive and don't give up!

Yvette 8 years ago

Don't give up! I'm in the same boat with reg. I refuse to tell anyone when I plan to test or when the results come out. Very frustrating but I'm pushing through it!

Jason Alexis 8 years ago

Stay positive, I fee I've spent enough money on failed exams I can buy a house, ha ha, but you cant give up and settle, never settle.