AUD Studies On-the-Go: Taking NINJA on Vacation

09 May 2017


Joe is a NINJA CPA blogger.

As I packed my suitcase last week for a long overdue trip to Mexico with the family, I began wondering if I had any room for my AUD books or laptop for MCQs.

If I brought them, I could get a few hours of reading in each day. I could even read or do MCQs at the beach!

Then I began to think of lugging a large book /laptop around with me to the pool and beach each day.

How would keep it dry or avoid getting food and suntan lotion stains on the pages?

How would I prevent my 18 month old from burying my laptop in the sand? Then I remembered my NINJA Audio that I have on my iPhone. No books or laptops needed, just my iPhone which was coming anyway.

I was able to listen to a lesson on engagement planning in the terminal before the flight. I listened to lessons on internal control, auditing & IT, evidence, audit reports and audit sampling during the flight. Then I watched “Sing” with my kids, I am on vacation after all.

The next afternoon on my chair at the beach I finished up with international auditing and professional responsibilities. I also brought a black and white composition notebook with me and began writing down the important points I heard with each lesson. The great part is that you can pause and rewind to give yourself a chance to listen to something a few times.

Over the course of a week I was able to listen to the lessons at least 5 times each. I did not have time to rewrite all of my notes; however I have solid notes for the first 4 lessons.

I highly recommend the NINJA Audio for a vacation or anyone on the go. You can leave your books and computer behind and know that your time will be well spent listening to lessons on your iPhone while still enjoying a relaxing vacation.

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