BEC Exam Scheduled + Following My Study Plan

31 Mar 2016


JennyJenny is a NINJA CPA blogger.

In my last blog I revealed a new plan of attack. That being: Plan, Follow, Review, Revise.

The easy part is over, as I have scheduled my BEC exam for the first weekend in April.
NINJA MCQ makes breaking up the questions so easy. Each section is broken up and the software also tells me how many questions are in each section. This makes planning a little easier.

Each week I will be tackling all the MCQs in a given section. At the end of the week I should have looked at every MCQ for that section.

For each question I miss, I will take notes on the reason or reasons for missing the question. Then each week I will review all my missed questions up until that week.

By taking time each week to review the questions I have missed my hope is that I will gain a better understanding a piece at a time.

Spousal Insight

I think the Plan, Follow, Review, Revise is a very useful tool for anyone. So, where can the spouse be a partner in this study plan? I think where we can be the most beneficial is to help them to follow the steps.

For example, I know she has a plan. So, my next steps are to make sure that she has the physical space to follow the plan. Maybe I can also help her review her plan, offer new suggestions, and help her to revise if needed.

I am very impressed with NINJA so far, because there are so many aspects to it. The material is self contained, which is awesome! Then you have the flashcards, MCQs and audio. With so many tools to help revise the study plan, there are many different areas that help come up with adjustments to the plan.

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