Study Accounting Pronouncements for the CPA Exam?

06 Jul 2011

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Jeff answers your questions:

  • Should you study accounting pronouncements for the CPA Exam?
  • Should you read your CPA Exam text book?
  • Will the ethics exam help me prepare for REG?
  • I'm scoring low on MCQs my first time around – should I worry?

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Jeff - 13 years ago

Not my best video...I can tell I haven't done one in awhile. I'll be more amped up next time :)

Richie 13 years ago

couldn't agree with you more about the MC scores 1st time through. sometimes i only get 30% of them right the 1st time through because I wasn't paying good attention during the video lecture. i believe it doesnt matter where you are at the beginning of your studies. it's where you are at the end (b4 you go into exam). So just keep at it!

Jim 13 years ago

It was a good video, though! It put me slightly at ease--I'm one of those people who has been worrying about bombing the MCQs the first time around. Thanks!