Studying for the CPA Exam is a Family Affair

04 Aug 2015


Christina F

Christina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I am committed to this exam. Why isn’t anyone else in my family? I am finally taking a vacation for the first time in who knows how long, but it’s scheduled per everyone else’s schedule and pushes back my CPA testing.

Then other family issues pop up and somehow I’m the only one that can take care of them?

I know I’m not alone in CPA exam land with this. I’m already distracted easily and it takes me scheduling and practically shutting myself away to be able to get studying done, but add problems on top of all of that – forget it.

To keep motivating myself I log onto the forum a lot. I don’t always post, but sometimes it helps seeing that others are having issues getting studying done as well.

I keep telling myself it will be easier to study when my oldest goes back to school in a little over a month, but I really don’t want to wait that long.  We have family plans being put on hold until I pass this exam, and I’d really like to be done by next summer.

It keeps rolling in my mind that all of this is just an excuse to not study, but I realize that not only do I have to be committed, everyone else around me has to be committed in some way as well because they have to take over and deal with things I’m unable to. I still work on MCQs and I do ok, but I obviously need more studying and practice.

So instead of getting upset and worried about my self-set timelines, I’ve set a goal. If I can get the studying in for the next few weeks I want to, I’m going to set up my test for the last possible date I can in this quarter.

If I don’t, I’ll push it back to the very first possible date in October and take a few tests next quarter. When you want something bad enough, you have to go for it, even if it means hurting someone’s feelings or making someone else take on something you can do.

Here’s to finishing this quarter out strong!!

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