When the CPA Exam Feels Like the Enemy

06 Jul 2015


Christina FChristina is a NINJA CPA blogger

Studying, I haven’t been in the mood to study lately. I let the stresses of life get to me too easily and it impacts my study time and desire to study.

The past 2 weeks, I’ve gotten through one chapter and did all of the NINJA MCQs for that section. That’s it.

I had planned on sitting for this exam mid-July, now I need to push it back to end of July. That is not what I wanted to do. I’m so worried I’m going to fail again, but am having a hard time studying because of it.

This exam is not just about studying. It’s a mental thing too. If I am so scared that I’m going to fail, it impacts my studying because it’s as though I’m telling myself that no matter if I study or not it’s not worth it.

How do I get myself out of that mentally?

I have to remind myself why I am doing this and that the past does not dictate the future. Just because I failed the last time does not mean in any way that I will again as long as I push along and study.

I have to act like I haven’t taken the CPA exam before. I need to tell myself that the other exam was practice and the next time I will get it.

These exams aren’t easy, if they were, more people would get their CPA. I have to face my fear of failing and study as much as I can so I know there’s no question that I’ll pass.

They say, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Sometimes the CPA exam feels like an enemy and I don’t even want to look at my book, notes, etc.

I need to keep them closer and look at them more often and keep studying. This is the way to pass the exam. I WILL pass.

I’m going to set the NINJA MCQs as my home page on my computer and tablet so that it’s a constant reminder to study and keep this exam closer so that I can conquer it!!

Quarter 3, here we come!

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