CPA Exam Formulas | Which BEC Formulas to Memorize?

27 Aug 2021

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Jenny asks, “do you have any tricks or suggestions on memorizing all of the formulas for BEC.” when I took BEC so I was lazy and I always studied one formula and it was how to, it was for inventory accounting, how to solve our cost of goods, solved algebraically? And so I memorized one aspect of that formula.

And then I can solve for any variable algebraically. So there's that if it's in the ninja notes, I would at least be able to solve algebraically to be reasonably competent on it. And. Jenny, I don't know if you've watched any of NINJA Mike's sparring videos over cost accounting and financial performance measures, et cetera.

But I would watch those as well, but the long and short of it is to definitely memorize the cost of goods sold how to solve for that algebraically. I don't know if that's helpful. Ashley says, is there any way to get the ninja book, or is it always online? It's online in like a PDF embed, but you can always download it.

And so then it's in Adobe or whatever, and you can print it out. So you have full printing rights. If you ever run into an issue, staples, or Kinkos or whatever you can always email me. I can. Send an email. It says, Hey, you have the right to print it out. So hope that's helpful.

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