The CPA Exam: A Humbling Experience

Keona2Keona is a [A71 product=”combo”]NINJA CPA blogger[/A71].

I reached my humbling period of the CPA exam process. I was able to pass the first two parts by just reading the book and completing the [A71 product=”mcqs”]NINJA MCQs[/A71].

For my third take at AUD, I decided to listen to AUD lectures. The lectures were boring but I was able to grasp concepts I didn’t fully understand before.

I tried to get over on Audit Sampling and Transaction Cycles, nevertheless, I know now I will not pass without fully understanding those topics. I bowed down to the CPA Exam for this section and went full throttle.

I also stopped talking about the exam so much to family and friends; I don’t need the added stress. I hope I can get passed AUD and move back to REG.

Until then I will be a regular at my local Starbucks.