CPA Exam Lessons Learned

26 Jan 2016


By Key522

Keona2Keona is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I officially took each part of the CPA exam at least once. I’m hoping once my REG score comes out I will be 3/4 complete with the CPA exam.

REG MCQs wasn’t too bad. I hope this is because I over studied. The sims weren’t too brutal but in no way were the sims easy.

Coming off my one point failure with AUD, I completed 3000 MCQs for REG. I didn’t want to lose any points because of MCQs. I scored weaker in AUD MCQs but stronger in sims (I know most candidates score information shows the opposite.)

I honestly was scared of REG that’s why I left it for my last part. My goal is to knock out AUD at the end of this quarter.

Note to CPA candidates: you should only get one NTS for one section if you are working fulltime. I had no choice but to move on to REG because my NTS was expiring soon, I wished I would have retaken AUD right away. Lesson learned.

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