CPA Exam Truth: It’s About the 75

08 Jul 2016


Rollie SRollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.

As many of you may not remember, I took BEC back on the 21st of May on a wonderful Saturday afternoon… I thought it went pretty well and I figured it would be very close…

Scene: upstairs bathroom with ugly pink wallpaper accented by light blue bath rugs and 2 cats sitting on top of the toilet staring at me.

Time: 6:05 AM CDT

I am trying to pull up my score on my phone, I immediately drop it on the floor instead of throwing it against the remains of 1960 ugly pink wallpaper….


Beautiful… It is the news I wanted to see on a Wednesday morning…

On the wife front, I have the optimistic wife saying, “It is an improvement and highest you ever got on that section.”

I emailed my boss with no subject line and I all I put was “74.” I got a: “No way!”and “Sorry to hear that!”

As we all know, it is not about being close. It is about getting that 75. Yes, I improved but I do not care. I want that 75. As you can tell, I am still frustrated.

What is the plan now?

Retake BEC hopefully in July and get a 75 or above!

Just keep swimming.

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John S Thompson 8 years ago

Hi Rollie, Hang in there. You can do this.... Take care

Darren 8 years ago

Dude, I know the feeling!!!!, I got a 73 on my REG! Studying BEC now for late Aug exam. Any pointers on how to study for BEC? Good luck to us. We can do this.