FAR Nightmares + Four Weeks to Go

16 Apr 2012



Bonds, Leases, Deferred Taxes, Bonds, Leases, Deferred Taxes!! Pretty sure I have been having nightmares about those 3 topics for the past week.

This past week I have put the FAR NINJA Audio on my iPhone and put all the Ninja Audio into a playlist and played it over and over about 6 hours per day every day at work.

I am thankful that in my job I am not up and moving, I am able to play it and just sit there. Obviously, I am working and not able to focus on the audio 6 hours/day but every now and then I catch little things Jeff says and think to myself, “Oh didn’t know that before.”

I have had audio for a different review course before and it was so boring I couldn’t even have it playing in the background for more than an hour, I wanted to fall asleep. The Ninja Audio is not that same way; it is enough information to understand the basic topics without going too far in depth that I lose concentration.

I am confident that in a month of doing this I can start to remember the things that I need to remember before my test.

I am now 4 weeks away and it is really time for me to focus 100%. I am about ½ way through my review course and then I will begin my 2 week review and rewrite my NINJA Notes.

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