Ask the NINJAs: CPA Review Videos vs Book

25 Oct 2017

Ask the NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

I took FAR yesterday and it was a battle.

Since it has been over 18 months since I passed Audit, I lost my passing score of 80.

Yeah, I'm not bitter or anything.

I passed using (Crazy-Expensive Course), but am now exclusively using NINJA products.

For FAR, I read the Ninja Book cover to cover.

I can almost quote, verbatim, the Ninja Audios because I've listened to them so many times.

I watched Bob's videos on Ninja Plus (making tons of notes and documenting updated treatment for outdated item treatment, like Extraordinary Item presentation).

I rewrote my Ninja Notes twice and read through my four legal pads of Bob video notes.

Though I did not work as many MCQs and I wanted, I hit the areas where felt weak: Bonds, Leases, the big items.

Anyway, I'm buying the NINJA Audit material from you.

Should I both read the Ninja Book AND watch all of the videos?

I ask because my AUD exam is scheduled for early December.

My plan is to listen to my audios on my 12 hour drive to the beach Saturday.

Next week, I'm aiming for reading quite a bit of the Ninja Auditing Book and taking notes from the Ninja Notes and book.

I would like to get through the book in three weeks and then slam MCQs until exam day.

Obviously, I will rewrite my Ninja Notes and listen to the Audios like a “bajillion” times, but do I need to watch Bob's videos?

Should I only watch the videos on topics where I'm not “getting” the book?


Dear Ben,

The beach, eh?

Sounds nice.

We NINJAs are literally staring out the DOJO window at goats.

That #kansaslife.

We're, uh, totally not jealous or anything.

To each their own.


The good news is that you have two choices to learn the concepts – the NINJA PLUS videos or the NINJA Book, since they both come in the Sniper Package.

Path #1 (Long Path): Read the NINJA Book.

Don't rush through it, but also don't stop to smell the salt water.

(Keeping with the beach theme here … of course, it's 49 degrees and we're next to a goat pen, so we still aren't jealous).

Spend a week and then move on to the NINJA PLUS videos.

Spend a week, max on the videos and then move on to the MCQ.

Path #2 (Short Path): Watch the videos for a week and then read/skim over your areas in the NINJA Book that you're still weak on.

This will take about 10 days.

It doesn't have to be an either/or … you can mix and match and use both.

Due to your shortened time table, Path #2 is probably the safer bet …

Watch the videos, take notes, and then skim the book.


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