Doctor Appointments + Slow Going with REG

22 Dec 2016


Rollie SRollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.


REG is going slower and slower as the time suck of doctor appointments have taken up a lot of my precious time from a car accident in November.

I am no longer on track to take the test on my scheduled date, as I have fallen way behind. Hopefully I can catch up and take REG in the first week in the cold, dark January.

The good news is that I am remembering a lot of the tax issues and business law concepts from when I passed REG the first time around many eons ago.

I am still working slowly through the NINJA MCQs trying to get my head around S-Corps and Partnership taxation.

It is quite exciting and riveting. I remember one trick that helped me better understand taxation, was to have a physical form of the tax return.

Then I would “walk” myself through the return to see where the different items flowed through. I plan on printing them out again this weekend in hopes of accelerating my studies through the holiday season.

Until next time, just keep swimming.

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