FAR Exam Clock: An Unanticipated Hurdle

03 Jun 2016


Kristen Option 2Kristen is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I sat for FAR the first week in May. I discovered that although I had been prepping in my free time for the exam, I had not been working to prepare for what would be my hurdle during the exam… the clock!

I finished my third testlet with just under an hour remaining and realized that I needed to speed up if I was going to complete the simulations. I could feel my heart rate pick up and my palms begin to sweat, and then full on panic mode set in as I watched minutes just fall off the remaining time.

I was able to quickly complete the research simulation, and I was lucky enough to have a general equipment useful life estimate change simulation.

I was able to complete three more in rapid fashion but that is where my luck ran out… as the clock ticked down to zero I was still fumbling between two simulations. I realized that in all of my preparation I failed to prepare for my biggest adversary. I may or may not have cried in my car.

How will this affect my study approach you ask? I plan to get my NINJA MCQ stats in check by figuring out how long I need to complete the 7 task based simulations.

Once I am able to determine how much of a cushion I need for the simulations I can then work to trim up my MCQ response time. AUD is up next and since the format is the same as FAR I will take the lessons learned and apply it to my upcoming exam.

Good luck NINJAS!

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Whitney 8 years ago

Did you pass FAR? I know someone who didn't attempt 3 SIMS and still passed. I think if your MCQs are hard enough to take that much time it might be a good sign for you.

Dwrites 8 years ago

Same thing happened to me .. Got 71 .. Writing it again in July.. But I hope and pray that you pass.. It is so frustrating to get 71 knowing that if I could have completed all the simulation I could have passed .. All the best to you !!

Southpaw 8 years ago

@Whitney - sadly I did not pass! That is very fortunate for your friend who didn't complete 3 SIMS and still passed. It was a disappointment however I was prepared for the disappointment. I appreciate the words of encouragement!! @DWRITES - Well we are in the same boat. I am really sorry 4 points is difficult but that means that you are on the right path. Stay positive we'll get it the next time! Wishing you all the best and hope to hear a positive update in August!!!