FAR – October/November 2008 Window

22 Sep 2008

Guest Posts

Any score update info and all FAR comments regarding the Oct/Nov 2008 test window (studying as well as exam results) will take place here. This saves people the trouble of having to read multiple posts on the topic.

1. No posting of actual exam info (hints included)
2. For legal reasons, if you think that company X has horrible material and you failed miserably using them, please don't mention them.

If your comment doesn't follow these loose guidelines, I won't be able to post it.

As always – thank you for reading.

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Anonymous 16 years ago

Go get 'em man! Pass FAR! Your sons love you, miss you, and are cheering with me to! I am so happy for you that you are so far along! (And whatever will you do with this blog after it's over?)

Anonymous 16 years ago

I passed FAR last testing window. I want to wish everyone good luck on this exam.

Anonymous 16 years ago

Is it unreasonable to pass all four parts in window? I have about 2 weeks in between each exam and haven't studied much for any of them except REG (my first one). And I'll be working full time.

another71.com 16 years ago

Well, people under the pencil and paper test passed all four in two days. However, they also studied months and months to do so.

You're setting yourself up for failure and wasted $$$$ and time if you are allowing yourself 2 weeks to study for each test and working full time. If you could take off of work for the entire time and study like a crazy man, then it could possibly work.

Eric G 16 years ago

Good luck with FAR! I passed it last window with my second try. I realized what hurt me the first time was not realizing how much time I needed for the simulations and I ran out of time. So for the second test, I didn't go back and review any MC questions. I just answered each question as I went, even if it required guessing. GOOD LUCK!!

Anonymous 16 years ago

I finally got my scores from FAR today for the last testing window and passed with a 79 using Yeager cram. My score improved from a 67 the first time I took it. Good luck, you're almost done. As for me one down three to go!!! Yeager is great help.

nassaubleek 16 years ago

how does this yaeger cram dvd thing work u just watch the dvd presentation and your score improve what exactly happens how does it work?

another71.com 16 years ago

how does this yaeger cram dvd thing work

nassaubleek, the Yaeger cram is a condensed version of their HomeStudy course. The FAR HomeStudy, which I am currently using, is 13 DVDs at around 4 hours per DVD. The Cram however, covers the material from cover to cover (or at least what they feel is ultra important) in 20 hours.

It's a great tool to refresh what you've learned if you're a Yaeger student and an even better tool if you used a different review program. I have found Yaeger to be very thorough, yet focused on what they think is on the exam.

There were a few REG questions that I got right because Phil Yaeger briefly mentioned them - minor, minor topics that didn't warrant a lot of attention, but he mentioned them "just in case" and it paid off.

I highly recommend the Yaeger cram with Wiley book combo as a last review.

Anonymous 16 years ago

I'm taking FAR this Saturday (oct 4th) and I was wondering for the simulations involving Present Value will PV tables to available for access or do you need to know how to calculate PC factors using something like excel? Good luck to everyone!!!

another71.com 16 years ago

I believe that they list the PV factors - they'll give you a choice of 4 or something and you have to know which one to use. I don't remember having to calculate it...it wasn't that way on BEC anyway. I passed FAR two years ago, so I could be wrong. Maybe someone else knows who took it recently.

Anonymous 16 years ago

I took FAR today and it was awful. I made a 73 on it in the July/August window, I did worse this time. Simulations were brutal!!! Uggghhhh

Anonymous 16 years ago

I'm taking FAR tomorrow!!! I'm extremely nervous... I thought I had enough time to study, but I guess there's never enough time to finish for FAR :-(

Anonymous 16 years ago

I took the test in July completely unprepared because of an expiring 6 month NTS window. Without cracking the book (maybe reviewing 20%) I made a 49. At the time thinking the questions were not hard. Thinking the test would be easy again, I studied and took again in September but only made a 68 (had a baby 4 days before the test so mind was not in the game). I had sat thru all 4 sections of the live review classes and this web site was the first time I learned about adaptive testing (get harder if you do well). Good info on wikipedia. I will also say the Sims in Sept were harder than in July. Anticipating killer Sims again based on other posted comments. Taking it again next week so I hope to be prepared.(as the baby sleeps thru the night).

matt 16 years ago

FAR candidate performance report for Q2 and Q3 the avg passing candidate performance were
Concepts 71
Presentation 72
Transactions and Events 72
Govermental 71
Not for Profit 70

Matt 16 years ago

AICPA released 50 FAR questions for 2008. (Q&A are on Becker site under current students if needed) Anyone care to share how many correct as a practice test. Am testing myself now. I missed 4 of the first 25. And am taking the second half after this post.

Rory 16 years ago

I took FAR on 10/01. I am taking BEC on 11/29. Do you think I should hold off on checking my FAR results until after I take BEC?

Britni 16 years ago

I think that's about how much I missed on those too Matt. I did a heck of a lot better on those than I did on the Becker final exams!!

I took my test on 10/29 and am a TX candidate. Still waiting on my score. Anyone in the same boat? For some reason I'm unable to post in the cpanet.com forum, so I thought I'd try here.

Anonymous 16 years ago

I just took the FAR today, and I think i did really good on the MC but when I got to the first simulation I started to panic thinking I was running out of time, I bombed the first simulation (i just know it) but know I nailed the 2nd one. Hopefully I did well enough on the other 4 parts to make up for the 1 simulation! This was my last one, I passed all the others AUD(80) REG (79) and BEC (85).

Anonymous 16 years ago

I just took FAR yesterday, i didn't finish the exam! Didn't have enough time to even finish my first simulation....it was a bad idea to go over my answers on all my MC questions, i didn't have enough time left for my simulations...guess my chances of passing was really slim since i didn't finish the simulations...

Anonymous 16 years ago

I took the FAR exam on November 26. Does anyone know when I can expect to get my score?

another71.com 16 years ago

22nd-24th most likely.

I predicted the 22nd, but my predictions are two days off currently.

Molly 15 years ago

Received my 71 score today in FAR. In Illinois.