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FAR Rant – July/August 2008

If you sat for FAR during the July/August window and want to share a success story or vent some frustration, please do so. Any thoughts or insights you share can be beneficial to current or future candidates.


1. No disclosing or hints about actual exam content
2. For legal reasons if you failed with review company X and think they're horrible, please don't name them

Any comments that don't follow these loose guidelines won't be posted.

This may be a success…or may be stupid…if it helps people cope with the exam, I'm willing to try it.

Thanks everyone.





20 comments on “FAR Rant – July/August 2008”

  • Do you think I can take my book into the testing center? I really dont need to study, my friend is a CPA.

  • Do you know what is a passing score for AUD. I just saw my score, but there is no indication whether I passed or not.

  • after I took FAR, i would have bet a year’s salary that I failed. i walked out of the test crying. it was awful. i got my score today–an 88. i’m pretty sure it was a mistake, but i called the state board and told me that, even if it was an error, it was my score! i don’t think everyone can trust their gut on this test. mine was wrong. this test is super tricky. hang in there if you failed this time around!

  • I started making them on Excel and then I switched to a simple Legal pad. It was faster. I re-wrote them on pieces of graph paper and made 2 columns on each page for final review purposes.

    I took them with me to the exam site and sat in my car prior to walking in and crammed them all in my short term memory one last time before I walked through the door. It was very beneficial, I think.

  • When you would make your extensive notes, did you write them or did you take them on a computer and then write them before the exam? I’m taking AUD soon and I would like some help with the extensive notes.

    Thank you!

  • I’m waiting for my FAR score to be released by New Hampshire. If history holds true, it will be released on Tuesday, which is exactly 5 weeks from my test date. My score was released exactly 5 weeks after my test date for the previous 3 sections. This was the only section that has shaken me up a bit.

    One night I’ll have a dream that I pass with an 80, the next night I’ll have a dream that I failed with a 73. I had a dream last night that I passed FAR, but they changed my AUD score from passing to failing and I now needed to retake AUD.

    What a horrible amount of stress these tests put on people.

    Goodluck everyone!

  • has anyone received FAR scores in NJ – I sat for exam in mid-august and I am going nuts waiting for results

  • I took FAR July 1st and received my grade 61 days later – 77. There is no doubt after sitting (and passing) the four parts that this is the hardest section. Good luck to everyone who is waiting for there grades in the 2nd wave!

  • I have to agree about taking extensive notes. I have done this on every section using Becker Review. I have passed my first three parts on the first try (scoring 90,91 and 82)…i guess I am better at simulations than I think after my 82 on BEC. I am doing the same thing for FARE…and think it helps so much b/c I find questions on the actual exam to be much more conceptual than in the practice material. Also, I can’t stress enough how important I find it to practice the multiple choice questions and simulations. I do all the HW and extra problems at least twice, three times if it is a section I struggle with. This way you start to pick up on how the questions are presented and recognize patterns and topics that are more important. Good luck to all.

  • Dear Adri and another 71, Thank you so much for your advise. I have spent 11k so far on this CPA exam and started in June 2006, some time I feel CPA is not for me but feeling of failure and being mother of 2 boys will not let me quit. Each time I fail, I look at my boys and say I have to keep moving forward. Well, another 71, I will catch up with you by this weekend. God willing, this time we will pass.

  • Sheeba,
    I feel you on the wife duties. I think my success is primarily due to my very understanding husband, but also to little things, like giving up on cooking. We eat A LOT of frozen lasagna. Also, I try to pick out what to wear for the whole week on Sunday night. Also, we have forgone taking vacations this year–instead, I’m using most of my personal days off to study. It sucks to deprive your family of their usual Super Wife, but it’s just for a little while! You can do this, you were incredibly close this last time. Good luck!

  • Sheeba,

    I’m sorry about your FAR score. It’s a very very tough exam (as you know). The material is voluminous and what I found with REG is that by week 4 I had forgotten the material that I knew cold in week one. Thankfully, I took extensive notes.

    While you watch the FAR videos, I recommend not highlighting in the book…it’s too hard to go back through the book and make sure you catch everything.

    I recommend writing everything down as you watch the videos…little tips, little things that they point out that you’re sure to forget…I always write down examples in enough detail that I will understand it when I do my final review.

    When you’re about 1 week from exam day, re-write all of your notes. It will force you to re-learn and reinforce what you knew 4 weeks ago, but have since forgotten since you moved on to other topics.

    This was a key element of me scoring a 92 on REG. For the first time in my CPA exam studing, I took extensive notes. I can’t recommend it enough.

    A 73 is tough. I don’t think you need to go through the full course again and all you need is the FAR cram for review. I would also go back re-work all of the questions.

    On the other hand, spending more $$ is a downer, so maybe you want to go back through the DVDs again.

    I scored a 74 on REG and I still ordered the REG HomeStudy – I wanted to be sure that I passed this time. As much as I didn’t want to do it after scoring two 74’s – I orderd the HomeStudy and went back through the material from start to finish.

    I’m on disc 2 (I’ve slacked off majorly this week…still in party mode from REG), but I’m starting back up today. If you would like, you can keep pace with me and we can talk about the exam.

    I admire you for doing this AND managing a busy household. Keep your head up…you’re almost there.

  • Another 71, this is my first post here. I have been reading your posts since you started this blog. This morning I got my score on FAR my 4th try. 62, 67, 73, and 73. Last time I took your advise got excited and bought Yaeger full study program. I gave 7 weeks to study but still 73. I have passed Audit and BEC. Just bought REG section from Yaeger was hoping this will be my last section. I guess I have to study more. Any advise, I am feeling very hopeless at this moment. I have two kids, full time job, full time house wife and many other responsibilits. I think I will be taking exam with you this time.

  • This is maddening. I have passed three sections. If I didn’t pass the FAR this go around I have to retake 11/26 and pass or I lose two I?ve already passed. I can?t even work I check that rotten website at least 100 times a day, and now I?ve wasted my entire evening looking for exam release information ? Amazing site by the way best I found for information on exam release dates.

  • I found out that I passed both FAR and AUD this quarter, which means I am done. Yahoo. I was fortunate enough to pass all 4 on my first try – and I have to give a lot of credit to CPA Excel. It was perfect for last week cramming, which apparently is my preferred way of studying. I have no idea on how it compares to other study materials, but the actual exams were on average easier than CPA Excel’s exams, which helped immensely. Good luck to everyone else…

  • Still waiting for my score also. I think the waiting part is the worst b/c for an entire month (in most cases) you're sort of stuck in limbo. If you have additional parts remaining, you're agonizing over whether you passed and not really putting 100% into your studies for your next section. If its your last part, you're agonizing over if you're a CPA or not and don't even know it yet b/c the NASBA folks are so slow, and God forbid you call them to try to get some insight as to how much longer of a wait you have left. You're better off trying your luck with a palm reader or some sea shells. For the $100's that we give NASBA, they should really do a better job & perhaps revamp their current procedures. I'm sure it can definitely be done in a much more efficient way.

  • Well, I don’t have my score yet, so I can’t tell you my actual success, but I felt a ton better then the 2 previous times I have taken this exam. I had studied a couple weeks with an old 2005 Becker book. I then found this site and purchased the Yaeger CRAM and the Wiley book. They were great. They matched my learning style perfectly. I wish I would have found Yaeger earlier. Hopefully I finished FAR and am now done studying and a CPA.

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