February’s Focus: Being Confident to Pass FAR

30 Jan 2017


By Adam29

Stacey is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I am finally feeling good about my study time the last couple of weeks and I am ready to schedule my test four weeks out.

With tax season upon us, the weeks are only going to get busier, so I am focused on getting FAR taken in February.

My notecards are with me everywhere I go, and have been especially useful on the treadmill as they help me lose track of how long I have been working out!

[A71 product=”audio”]NINJA Audio is my focus and I am taking notes from the beginning to make sure I still understand all areas.

As long as I continue to squeeze in extra MCQ and Simulations in the next two weeks, I am feeling much better than in the past for FAR.

But I am not going to count my eggs before they hatch. I cannot get ahead of myself. Even though I have started thinking about my next test, REG, I can’t let myself lose focus.

My husband has been a great support, knowing that my health and study sessions are my top priorities right now.

This does not get me out of doing the dishes, but he is motivating me to want to study every chance I get to pass FAR. One thing we cannot get back is time, so we focus on using it wisely.

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