A Million Things to Do: Need to Focus on the CPA Exam

16 Apr 2015


Christina FChristie is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

What did I get myself into???

I’ve been good about studying, but it seems like all of a sudden everyone else needs me for something. I’ve got a million other things I have to do in addition to study.

My husband says I’m obviously studying enough when the other night I couldn’t sleep because I kept dreaming about selling Girl Scout cookies and the CPA exam and everything I’d studied that day. I even took my book to read and review while at the cookie booth and things were slow.

I’m committed. I am completely committed to this exam. I just need everyone else to be as committed as I am; which isn’t likely, but a hopeful dream.

My husband, as supportive as he is, keeps asking me to go help plant in our vegetable garden and go through the house and get things ready for a yard sale. I told him I was going to not take the exam and just quit.

I can’t do everything he wants me to do AND study for the test at the same time, I need to focus. He finally got it, CPA exam first. I don’t mind taking an hour to plant in the garden here and there, that gets me outside, but the yard sale can wait until I take the exam mid-April.

It’s hard for others to realize how much you need to focus and how much time you really need. I hear all the time, “oh you’re so smart, you’ve got this.” They don’t get how much I feel as though I don’t have this. I drill NINJA MCQ as much as I can and I read and review notes constantly.

The Another71 forum has helped so much, having a group that knows what you’re going through, or even to vent to. This process can be a lonely one when nobody else understands, having the CPA forum is a great tool to help know you’re not alone and you CAN do this, you just have to focus and trust that you’re doing everything you can to pass.

Here’s to the second quarter and passing the CPA Exam!

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Carolina 9 years ago

I definitely understand where you coming from. I'm in the same situation. My family is too needy and don't seem to understand that I need to focus on these tests.