Frustrated and Tired: The New REG Exam Format

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I took REG on July 1st and it was the first time with the new testing format. Hence, I struggled with time management and how much time to leave for the sims.

I walked out tired and exhausted – and kind of annoyed and angry. I ran a couple errands before heading home to my small town so I wouldn't have road rage on Interstate 29. I also contemplated a road beer and my odds of getting pulled over … but I can't bring myself to break the law.

I have no idea how I did and now I have to wait until the middle of September to find out.

I spent the afternoon in the hot, South Dakota summer pulling Quack grass in frustration. Visited my Grandma-in-law and she said “it looks like you need a beer” when I walked in.

Why was I frustrated? I felt like I didn't know anything. I spent 2 hours on the sims; researching everything and I still felt defeated. I took a week off and now I am trying to decide between FAR or AUD since this window is extended. I am scared of FAR and scared of failing.

On the bright side, I am doing a great job of putting the score release out of mind since it is so FAR away (bad pun 🙂 ). Time to get motivated and win this exam once and for all just like Sergio Garcia finally winning the masters!

Until next time,

Just keep swimming.





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