Get it Done: Pass BEC and Move on

25 Jul 2016


Rollie SRollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.

A quick update in the world of studying for my 3rd retake for BEC. As mentioned previously, I have received a 73 and then a 74. So if I keep this trend going, I should be good right?

I am currently trending around around 70 percent with NINJA MCQ and I am looking for a test date.

You would think more spots would be opening up early in the testing window. I am focusing on some topics I know I did not understand very well the last time I took BEC.

I know economics and cost accounting are not my forte. My score report provided the same information, but keep in mind that all score reports are worthless.

They give you information based on how you compared with other people in that testing window. It is basically waste of paper and stamp from my board of accountancy.

In the coming week or two, I hope to nail down some economic policies and figure out ABC costing among many other topics.

As I study for this retake, it reminds of me of the hatred towards this exam and the time commitment, which could be used elsewhere like working on my yard or binge watching Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead.

I want to make sure I waste no more attempts and just get this done so I can move on in life.

In the meantime, back to pounding MCQ's and rewriting notes…!

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